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Hopefully you rely on Marketing Pilgrim to find the best marketing news for you. If you’re monitoring news feeds yourself, you’ll know the enormous amount of buzz/noise surrounding today’s Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference. Here are three things almost certain to happen at today

  1. Apple will announce a new iPhone.
  2. Apple will announce a new Mac computer.
  3. Twitter will crash.

OK, so maybe we’ll only see 2 out of 3 coming true. Twitter has announced the steps it’s taking to try and handle what will likely be a huge increase in use today–with all the Tweeple talking about Apple.

Over at the company blog, Twitter has revealed three initiatives that should help keep the lights on…

  1. “…utilizing more memcache, employing more read-slave servers, and by fixing some bugs for improved efficiency.”
  2. “We have isolated and created on/off switches for many Twitter features. Should it become necessary to shed incoming load quickly, we can turn off features such as stats, pagination, and several others to preserve the reliability and timeliness of your Twitter timeline.”
  3. Some secret “cool way” to help stability, that Twitter is not willing to reveal. (Update: It’s likely this partnership with Summize)

While everyone was surprised that Big Brown didn’t win at the weekend, there’ll be less shock shown, should Twitter go down. In fact, TechCrunch has news of Twiddict, a service that will save your tweets and post them, the moment Twitter comes back online.

I’m a huge fan of Twitter. I’ve amassed a network of 2,500 great folks. Suffice to say, my fingers are crossed that Twitter has finally figured out how to handle the load.

  • Michelle Greer

    All I know is, my friends developed hashtags and the folks at Twitter won’t get their IM back up so they can finish it.

    Another friend of mine has managed data centers forever, and says the guys at Twitter don’t know what they are doing and won’t listen to the people who do.

    Twitter was not really build to handle the capacity it handles. It has nothing to do with Rails though.

    Maybe things have changed since I checked last, but I don’t have much faith in these guys since Blaine left.

    Michelle Greer’s last blog post..30 Burmese Refugees Bust into Anarchistic Craze at the Outta School Super Fun Fest

  • Ed Kohler

    Call me crazy, but I think my life will be fine without Twitter for a day. And I still think I’ll manage to figure out what’s happening in SFO.

    Ed Kohler’s last blog’s Community News Building

  • Chris Bartow

    You got it all wrong. Twitter will crash before either announcement. I imagine during the announcement even the whale will stop appearing to tell me something is wrong.

  • Ashley

    I am interested in Twitter indeed. Hope will manage to use its servises and everything will go smooth

  • PS3

    I don’t use Twitter but have to ask…did it crash.

    PS – Shame they still haven’t added a decent front camera to the iPhone!

  • Andy Beal

    @PS3 – I wasn’t around for the entire event, but it did appear to slow down a lot. Don’t think it actually went down though.

  • Owen

    Seems to have survived the onslaught. At least it was much better than it was last week !

    Owen’s last blog post..Misleading headlines: Lies, darned lies, and misrepresented statistics

  • forumistan

    I interested in twitter, hope everything will go smooth. I follow Andy in Twitter :)

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