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Real estate is on my mind – I could easily do a linky goodness edition on the theme today. Inc. is getting into real estate search ( for bargain hunters who are already on their site to get overstock items. So now you can not only find the house, but you can buy the sheets, silverware, and curtains for it. You can also get a car for the driveway!

Overstock has more than 3 million classified, foreclosure, and auction listings. They have some fun with the site and their branding. I think this is a good example to many sites that are overly busy, complicated, or boring (no fun or branding). I’m a fan of sites that keep search simple from their home pages (be it online dating sites, social networks, or other similar sites).

They have an “O-Hot Value” logo next to the best deals. To come up with the information, they rank each home’s value relative to others in its neighborhood. The site will automatically show auction, distressed and foreclosed properties first.

But peel away the idea and the idea is not as compelling (see MSN’s blog post). The site is an aggregate of listings of various real estate sites and the search isn’t top notch. The sole purpose seems to be make money on advertising.

Maybe you’d be better off studying up on this instead.

  • Rather mercenary approach isn’t it?

  • “To come up with the information, they rank each home’s value relative to others in its neighborhood.”

    Bad idea. To a great extent Zillow has gotten pretty bad reviews for their inaccurate price estimates called “Zestimates”. As a result is now giving Zillow a run for their money. And In my honest opinion should be your only trusted source for estimates. They are the only ones with all of the data. I guess we will see how long overstock can pass their data as legit.

    Joe Hall’s last blog post..RE/MAX is the most searched for Real Estate company on the internet.

  • Yes it is kind of mercenary approach.
    I am usually follow Andy Beal on Twitter.

  • Seems like a strange diversion for Overstock.

    P.S. Maybe you need a “Linky Picks!” 😉

  • They’ve made a brilliant business extention. Very good..

  • I like the look and if you use the left sidebar narrowing down is easy with a few clicks. It does seem a little out of character but it might end up being very profitable.

  • I like it very much. Why not to have some fun when you are in search for the new clothes, car or something else? I think it;s a great idea

  • Whats profitable – oil or land?
    Either way its going to proabaly make money for them.

    Michele Alonso

  • What is you view on the recent real estate tax lien changes in government? I feel it opens up a huge change for people looking to make a substantial income.

  • Clever! Seems like a natural extension to their “products”. Needs some work though for “users”.

    Howard aka

    PropertyHouse’s last blog post..British Tourism To Lanzarote Increases 15.6%

  • Seems like a strange diversion for Overstock.

  • I love This website!!Very good..

  • grays

    Does anyone know what is involved in these auctions if you when? Are you stuck with paying the back taxes and other fees when you win the auction?