Vivisimo Helps Citizens Search

Vivisimo, an enterprise search company based in Pennsylvania, announced Thursday that it has expanded its search affiliate program, which offers a free search engine for all government Web sites.

This search platform indexes more than 50 million government documents.

The platform covers news, images, frequently asked questions, maps, and weather forecasts. Searchers can also find government contact information, applications, and notices regarding jobs and benefits. Managers of web sites related to the government can add new features to their sites and even ambiguous search terms will extract useful information, Vivisimo said.

“Using Vivisimo’s superior search technology, and the expanded search affiliate program, anybody can easily access the vast amounts of information collected and generated by the U.S. government,” Raul Valdes-Perez, CEO and co-founder of Vivisimo, said in an announcement. “Vivisimo’s intuitive user-interface turns complexity into simplicity — and will help millions of people to get quick, authoritative answers to their questions.”

Case Closed: Facebook Wins

Social networking site ConnectU sued Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for stealing their idea. They allege he used the source code they hired him to create for their site.

Now four years later Facebook is celebrating their four year anniversary, and that the lawsuit against them is finally settled – in Facebook’s favor. Facebook asked that the case be dismissed, for lack of evidence, and that happened. ConnectU then filed another lawsuit against Facebook in March, which is now closed.

Yesterday Judge James Ware of Federal District Court in San Jose, Calif., stood behind a February settlement between the companies. Also named were Zuckerberg’s Harvard classmates, twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss and Divya Narendra.

Facebook now has upwards of 39 million members and expanded to go beyond college students. ConnectU is said to have 15,000 members at 200 schools.

Yahoo Announces Reorganization

We were pretty sure about this last week, but today Yahoo has formally announced their reorganization. Excuse me, their “Realignment to Support Core Strategies.” Of course. (via)

According to Kara Swisher, SVP Brad Garlinghouse will be replaced by Scott Dietzen, former CTO of Zimbra, which was acquired by Yahoo in September.

Just a year ago, Yahoo had a major management shakeup as Terry Semel stepped down and Jerry Yang and Susan Decker stepped in. Now, June rolls round again and it’s time for more changes. Among the changes announced:

Three new “teams” reporting to Sue Decker (President of Yahoo):

  • Audience Products Division, led by Ash Patel of Platforms & Infrastructure—companywide product strategy and product management.

ICANN HAZ DOT CAT? Get Ready For Another Domain Gold Rush!

They may not allow domain tasting, however Internet regulator ICANN has voted unanimously to expand the number of top level domain names, as the BBC reports.

The decision provides companies the opportunity to turn their brands into web addresses, while individuals could potentially use their names. A second proposal, that would introduce domain names written in scripts such as Asian and Arabic, was also approved.

“We are opening up a new world and I think this cannot be underestimated,”

said Roberto Gaetano, a member of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Another Domain Gold Rush!

ICANN has been working on the move for nearly six years.

Pilgrim’s Picks for June 26

It’s all quiet on the Pilgrim front. Until more news comes along, please ration these Picks:

Google Names Bell Canada Exec as CFO, Already Owns Dark Fiber; Google Bell Coming?

Let’s add up a few things shall we?

Phone companies want a piece of Google.


Google’s bought plenty of dark fiber in the past.


Google and broadband providers are duking it out over net neutrality.


Jim Cramer has predicted Google will launch its own phone service in the future.


Google today named Patrick Pichette, president of operations at Bell Canada, as its new chief financial officer, replacing CFO George Reyes after a nearly year-long search.


I never was much good at math, so you tell me if the answer is obvious or not. :-)

Linky Goodness, June 25

No Linky Withdrawal here, please—we’re back and better than decent as ever!

  • Not terribly surprisingly, Google is launching the “Internet for Everyone” campaign. Because that’s a basic right. Really. I used to teach the Constitution; it’s in the 82nd Amendment*.
    What the rest of us with Internet want to know: will this bring our monthly bill down? (And as marketers: what is this new audience interested in researching/purchasing online?) (via).
  • Publicis is creating an “Open Source” ad network by partnering with AOL, Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. I certainly hope they told all the parties involved that this was an “open relationship.”
  • Oddly enough, Google’s blog post seems to have had little effect on the US Government, as members of Congress and the Department of Justice are taking a hard look at the Yahoo-Google deal. Will it be approved? Check it out next season on . . . The Young & the Profitless!