Google to Charge $15 for First Search Query Checked

If the above headline were true, Google would have found itself at the bottom of the annual Harris Interactive Reputation Quotient poll, along with all of the major airlines.

Fortunately, for us and them, Google doesn’t charge for its search engine and, when it comes to taking care of its employees, leads corporate America.

Largely for its reputation for treating workers well, Google claimed the No. 1 spot from Microsoft Corp, which fell to 10th place.

"The ratings they get focus on how they treat their employees, their workplace environment," said Robert Fronk, senior vice president at Rochester, New York-based Harris. "They absolutely get tremendous credit for the social responsibility, which for them is also linked with their vision and leadership."

Too Late, Google Android; Late Too!

The WSJ is reporting Google’s Android–aka Gphone–is likely to miss its target launch date and instead will not be ready until the fourth quarter.

It’s tough enough developing an entirely new mobile platform, but when you rely on others to actually build the thing, you have one big headache on your hands.

…some cellular carriers and makers of programs that work with Android are struggling to meet that schedule, people familiar with the situation say.

T-Mobile USA expects to deliver an Android-powered phone in the fourth period. But that launch is taking up so much of Google’s attention and resources that Sprint Nextel Corp., which had hoped to launch an Android phone this year, won’t be able to, a person familiar with the matter said.

Up, Up and Away! Internet Ad Revenues Realize Second Highest Quarter Ever.

…and the PPC and banner ad crowd goes wild! The IAB has announced that Internet Advertising Revenues are up over 18% year over year, or $5.8 Billion smackaroos for the first quarter of 2008. That’s just off the pace of the $5.9 Billion record set in Q4 ’07.

Source: (excluding Borat) PwC/IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report (

The really good news for internet marketers? Growth is expected to continue. Just listen to what Randall Rothenberg, president and CEO of the IAB and Daniel Silverman, partner, Assurance, PricewaterhouseCoopers have to say, respectively:

“We continue to experience significant growth and vitality in interactive marketing, media and advertising. We expect growth to continue, as consumers spend more and more time online, and marketers find more – and more innovative – ways to reach them through digital media.”

Linky Goodness, June 20

Happy summer solstice (or for you in the Southern hemisphere, happy winter solstice)! It’s the longest (shortest) day of the year, and it’s a Friday—what could be better?

Oh, I know, some linky goodness!

Now go do a summer dance!

Google Launches Trends for Websites

Today Google launched Google Trends for Websites.

This is the search giants first foray into competitive research, and comparisons are being drawn to Alexa and Quantacast.

Barry Schwartz points out a good use for the new tool at

Now, if you think like a link builder – you can use this tool to find sites that are within your “neighborhood” or industry. So if I want to find link partners for the Search Engine Roundtable, I enter in, look at the related sites and ask all of them for links. Then I go to all of those sites and see who is related to them. You can, theoretically, keep expanding that list, as far is it makes sense.

Barack Obama Will Win The US Presidency – Guaranteed!

November 4th Update: We’ve added a widget so you can track the results as they come in:

The 2008 US Presidential Election truly represents the first time the Internet will push a specific candidate “over the top” and on to the glory of being endlessly criticized by the public, roasted on SNL and all of the other wonderful benefits that come with the office.

So, why am I predicting guaranteeing that Barack Obama will reign supreme (thanks to you no less)? Because you represent one of the record-breaking 46% of Americans that have used the internet, email or cell phone text messaging to get news about the campaigns, share your views and mobilize others. Guess which candidate is the most savvy in online politics? Can you say Barack Obama?

Pilgrim’s Picks for June 20

Congratulations! You made it through another week!

As your reward, you get to enjoy these great Picks: