Pilgrim’s Picks for June 10

I honestly tried to figure out how to take each of today’s Picks and fluff them up, so they could stand as their own blog post. Unfortunately, you’d have noticed. :-)

Instead, in the true spirit of Pilgrim’s Picks, these stories are news, just not newsy enough.

  • http://www.newhomessection.com Jayson

    I just found Hulu last night – it’s a pretty sweet website with limited commercials and great TV shows.

    Good news about online advertising – I keep wondering if the switch from traditional advertising to online advertising will make traditional advertising more effective…it’ll be less cluttered if nothing else.

  • http://www.poems.md Ashley

    From my point of view within a couple of yesrs or so the online advertising will replace the traditional one

  • http://www.getfave.com Jon Seymour

    Andy, thanks for the mention, we’re really excited about the quality and scalability of our site. I encourage everyone who appreciates relevant advertising and believes it’s all about video to check out getfave.com. You’ll “get” what you are missing with most local search products!