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After threatening to do it for years, today my wife and I head to the beach for a day trip. It’s a 2-hour drive, hence such early posting today.

Don’t worry, you won’t be left out. No, you can’t come with me, but our fantastic team of writers will ensure you get your fill of internet marketing news for the day. Starting with these Picks:

  • Google won’t voluntarily toughen-up its privacy policy, but it has told lawmakers that it would support any new privacy laws.
  • Staying in Washington. The American Corn Growers Association has sent a letter to Congress opposing any deal between Google and Yahoo. Huh? Looking at the metadata reveals the document might have been sent at the prompting of a lobby group working for cable companies.
  • Federated Media has announced the addition of "Conversational Marketing" tools to its online ad platform.
  • Businessweek’s report from NYC’s Internet Week shows how important the east coast is to the tech industry.
  • As we point out in Radically Transparent, the emphasis needs to be on the "transparent." Maybe I should send a copy to the CEO of Marriott hotels, because he’s just been outed for letting his PR team ghost-write some of his blog posts. (via)
  • More signs that VC investment in widget creators, is a smart decision. Coca-Cola has just announced a new marketing campaign using a Facebook widget called a "CokeTag."