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Nothing like a lunchtime flight to LAX to ensue you make the most of your morning. While I rush around like a headless chicken, you can enjoy the soothing words of today’s Picks.

  • Carl Icahn believes the Yahoo/Google deal “might have some merit.” Let’s hope so, because if he pushes forward with his proxy battle, it might trip a “change of control provision” allowing Google to walk away from the deal.
  • It seems Google is developing tools that will allow you to monitor your broadband speed–so you’ll know if your ISP is throttling your connection.
  • You can now upload, view, print and share your PDF documents on Google Docs. No editing or creation tools at this time.
  • Russia’s largest search engine Yandex is acquiring SMIlink, a Russian data collection company.
  • Frank Reed shares a real-life example of why local businesses need to manage their online reputation and also provides some valuable tips.
  • You can now download the Google toolbar for Firefox 3.
  • Monitoring and recording broad band speeds will be a great assistance to people like us who depend so much on the ISPs. Some times, one cannot help but admire google. I hope that they will come out with this soon.

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  • Joe

    Agree with Nicole, monitoring broadband speeds is a huge issue. The cable companies promise huge speeds but, in the case of Charter Cable at least, fail to deliver all that they offer. Third party verification would be great. Glad to see upgrades are underway at googledocs but it lacks a ton of features. How about allowing for insertion of page numbers??? Another bug-a-boo: sometimes centered text appears centered on the page but comes out of the printer aligned left. Googledocs isn’t ready for prime time.

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  • I think they should integrate their speed-monitor into the google-toolbar. That could be very interesting to measure the speed of the server of the page i am visiting.

  • Broadband speed monitor….love it! Our office connection gets throttled at the most inopportune moments, sometimes so much so that I revert to plugging my 3G modem into my laptop and going wireless just top get my work done! The service provider usually just feigns ignorance, which is highly infuriating, to say the least!

  • I look forward to being able to check on the ISP. Often one feels at their mercy it would be fun and useful to monitor them for a change.
    Also the PDF files on Google docs should come in very useful.

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