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Today is the day that Mozilla Foundation launches Firefox 3, and goes for a world record in the process!

  • Symbian

    Do they count unique hosts or clicks?

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  • Andy Beal

    @Symbian who? Firefox? I believe they are counting downloads.

  • Asif Anwar

    I am not sure what Firefox is saying about the record. But, if they warned that V.3 wouldn’t be available after that time for a long break, then the response would have been more.

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  • Warenwirtschaft

    All the official download services for firefox 3 are unavailable at the moment. I think they are surprised by the hype! Funny.

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  • Eva White

    The firefox 3 is proving pretty elusive. Maybe the server can’t handle its popularity or maybe my net connection is playing up again. Either way I am yet to experience it.

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  • Keylogger Guy

    I have downloaded FF3 and know what? There is a plenty of pug-ins don’t work with this new version. You may say it’s naturally, but i can’t work as used to. Still don’t work: TabMix, Super Drag-n-Drop and SeoQuake plug-ins.

  • Web Marketing Man

    Yay! I have done my download, does anybody have an idea when the final tally will be released?

  • Arthur Freydin

    Downloaded it yesterday and so far so good with the exception of two pretty major shortcomings:

    Google Browser Sync doesn’t work so I’m using Foxmarks.
    Bookmarks don’t transfer over from FF2.

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  • Jayson

    Yeah the new Firefox browser looks different, doesn’t work with all plugins and it’s crashed on me a few times already BUT I’m sure these issues will all go away in time. It does have some pretty neat features –

  • Ashley

    I really like the new Firefox browser but unfortunately some crashes have already happened. What to do- either refuse using it or wait for improvements?

  • DeeMX

    I have some problems with my FF3 too. But I have resolved it and wait new updates.