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I met with a friend for coffee this morning and we discussed coaching/consulting. I plucked an analogy from the air, that he really liked, but I couldn’t think where to write it down–so I don’t forget it.

I’ll share it here, so anyone can use it.

A consultant is a tugboat at a busy harbor. The ship (client) could eventually find its own way to the dock, and may even manage to pull into a slip. However, the tugboat is there to give gently nudges in the right direction, ensure the ship avoids any shallow dangers, and actually berths at the right slip.

So says Andy “the tugboat” Beal. 😉

OK, now for today’s Picks:

  • Loving the analogy, Andy.

    Who needs tv drama when you’ve got the Microhoo saga to mull over? I’ve commented on an earlier post about this, but even if they were to join forces do you think they’d present a significant competition to Google? Not in terms of finances, but in terms of what they have to offer to users and overcoming big G’s market dominance. I often wonder what would have if Yahoo and Apple joined forces. It’s not on the table I know, but hear me out – with Y!s search infrastructure and Apple’s keen sense of knowing what users want, I can’t help but think they’d present an attractive, usable alternative to Google.

  • Good description for a coach. Well, 1% higher market share is still 1% higher ain’t it.

  • Advertisements via SMS of my mobile service are very annoying, so I’m thinking of change my cheap network to more expansive. I really hate it. That’s why i doubt that Blyk will have success in future and wondering about why they started from UK. These services should be orient to poor country I think.

  • That is an interesting analogy, the tug boat! Ads on mobile phones are most annoying and I for one would rather use a paid service.

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  • I agree pone ads are very annoying.