Posted June 26, 2008 8:47 am by with 4 comments

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It’s all quiet on the Pilgrim front. Until more news comes along, please ration these Picks:

  • “Does this mean local car dealerships will annoy us on the web too?” – would Sheila’s Wheels be better? 😛

    Ultimately, I think it’s down to just what kind of ‘video ads’ we’ll be seeing, and what will drive them: CPM, CPE? I don’t think the answer is to fill the internet with the online equivalent of TV commercials and/or adding pre-, mid-, or post-rolls to every single bit of video content available. Instead, rich media overlays or clickable videos may be a better alternative, although more expensive to produce.

    Otilia Otlacan’s last blog post..Aegis Media Moves into Ad Serving by Acquiring Bluestreak

  • I can’t say I was terribly impressed with Shari Thurow’s article, not because I disagree with it but because it’s simply rather long-winded and isn’t as controversial (and dare I say linkbait-worthy) as she thinks it is. In fact, I’d say the article makes perfect sense.

  • Local car dealers advertising on the internet….That would mean they would not work well as they only really want to target a certain area.

    Austin(Cowsgonemadd3)’s last blog post..Sony loses 3.3 billion on the playstation 3 game console

  • Car dealer on the net will not be a huge success, as they can really only operate in their local area, it would be too much cost, hassle, and time to ship a car to another part of the country.