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Plurk Joins Twitter and Pownce on Train to Sucksville

Over the weekend, I teased Pownce because it too proved to be as unreliable as Twitter. Well, with all the buzz the upstart Plurk is getting, I felt it only fair to share this with you.

While I, and others, continue to moan about Twitter’s reliability. It’s important to know that the grass is not any greener.

  • trexpenn

    Yup. I got the same error screen too.

  • Jayson

    Wow – maybe they think downtime is success?? I can’t believe this is happening to all 3 – I just read a post stating the Plurk is ready to go the distance…maybe they just thought they were.

  • Jason Peck

    I know it sucks when services like these are down but you still have to remember that they’re only in infancy. Yeah, it’d be nice if they were 100% reliable but give them some time. Of course it shouldn’t take as much time as it has Twitter to work out kinks…

    Jason Peck’s last blog post..Hyatt Summerfield Suites Renderings

  • Andy Beal

    @Jason I agree. Heck, even Google’s services crash and burn now and then. I’m not here to diss so much, but to point out that other services suffer just as much as Twitter. :-)

  • Owen

    I had started to switch towards Plurk, but today Plurk is having issues and Twitter is working reasonably well … so I think it’s back to Twitter being my micro-blogging platform of choice ..

    It doesn’t feel like there’s a serious contender out there ..

    Owen’s last blog post..Misleading headlines: Lies, darned lies, and misrepresented statistics

  • Chris Hooley

    I’ve been using both for a few wees now, and in that time experienced roughly 20x the downtime on Twitter than PLURK.

    Chris Hooley’s last blog post..I Wish I Was Good Looking? And Relevant

  • Luis Gross

    Who knows when Twitters reliability will get better, as of right now it sucks! I haven’t even bothered with Plurk or Pownce – I don’t know why the names just never really grabbed my attention.

    But I have to agree with Owen on the part that Twitter doesn’t have any serious contenders out

    Luis Gross’s last blog post..11 Web Design Flaws To Avoid

  • Tiffany

    Seems it work now…Anyway, does Plurk has something to do with the A Team?

  • Sean Maguire

    New contest – Who can collect the most micro-messaging platform downtime graphics!

    Twitter and Pownce and Plurk – oh my! Twitter and Pownce and Plurk – oh my! I feel like I’m on my way to the Land of Oz and the Wizard is screwing with all of us!

    I’m a fan of Twitter, but it’s treating me like a scorned woman! Someone help!

  • Symbian

    I heard that Twitter uses Amazon Web Services. Then why it’s not so reliable?

    Symbian’s last blog post..Nokia S60 Symbian Windows Live client available in Europe

  • Samirb

    I don’t think its a question of if they will crash, like you said everything crashes even Google, but it’s more a question for how long. I don’t see Plurk going down for hours on end, or having to shut off features for days, like Twitter has.

    Samirb’s last blog post..Blog Comments, A Powerful Tool

  • Ashley

    Yeah, with Twitter you can wait quite a lot for everything get smooth. Sometimes when it goes down, you can wait for hours

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  • CT Moore

    I hope no one tells Universal TV that they’re using that pic.

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  • Bloggeries

    That’s blasphemy! Seriously though it did have a few issues in June when it went from ~2000 users to way more almost overnight. I expect plurk to load; twitter I’m expecting a whale!

  • SocialMind

    Hah, gotta love the A-Team

    SocialMind’s last blog post..“Social Plurking?”

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