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Remember when I wrote about little known search engine, Searchme, earlier this month? They had just announced another round of funding and in my post I waxed a bit poetic about the “The Beauty of the UI”. Some of the naysayers commented – “Nice, but not practical”.

Two things you should know about investors. First – they typically don’t throw a boatload of cash at zippo. Second – they play to win. So, it was a safe bet that the high profile group of investors must have seen some features they liked prior to anteing up another $12M. Two of those features were revealed today.

Searchme Stacks

Searchme Stacks extend visual search into the bookmark space and across the Web, allowing users to assemble and share collections of their favorite web pages in one.

Searchme Media Search

Searchme Media Search employs visual search to help users find media on sites like YouTube™ and Flickr™ by simply clicking on the “video” or “image” buttons on the Searchme site and scrolling through their results to quickly identify the correct video or picture. Searchme CEO Randy Adams had this to say,

Until now, most web users have had to check multiple bookmarks every day, click on dozens of links pasted into an email, and hunt multiple times for sites they saw once but didn’t have time to check out. With Stacks, they can now bypass these methods, saving time and creating an organized web experience. Media search was one of our beta testers’ most requested features, and now our users can find and preview photos and videos all in one place, and play their videos before they click through.

According to Searchme, query volume is up to 100-200K per day and they’ve recently hired Mike Mathieson at VP of Research as they work to improve relevance. Mike was most recently with Yahoo, where he was the Director of Engineering for Web Relevance. Next time you need to do some research for a project and want your pages readily available in front of you – this seems like a nice way to get it done.

Check out the Stack Demo here. What say you, Pilgrims?

  • So, Stacks is the very tool that assist you to save time and make an organized web experience. From my opinion it is very useful.

  • Very nice. looks like yet another internet success story.

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  • It will be a good idea to go back and see my comments at the first instance. I certainly was not a nay sayer!

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  • Looks like a great way to get all my Bookmarked items,resources more organized! thanks for the information 😉

  • PS3

    The demo looks mighty impressive but is it really that different to tabbed browsing?

  • Demo looks like great. Very useful method to organize items!

  • Good point for Searchme. Who knows someday it will become a big player and compete with the G.