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The 3rd Annual SEM Scholarship Contest has now finished and we’re working on compiling the results to determine our five finalists.

Unlike previous years, we’ve decided to keep the five finalists–and traffic numbers– a secret during judging (we will reveal once the winner is announced), so that our panel of expert judges can deliberate without fear of influence.

Lastly, as the Fourth of July holiday is fast approaching, we’re delaying announcing the winner until July 11th.  I know this will likely cause hair-loss for some of you, but this delay will ensure our judges have plenty of time to make their decision.

So, to recap: our top five finalists will be sent to the judges this week. Each will vote on their favorite and the finalist with the most votes will be announced on July 11th–along with full traffic numbers for all entries.

Thanks to all who entered, and we appreciate your patience while we determine the winner of the fabulous prize package.

  • Will the traffic numbers and finalists at least be revealed after the winner is chosen? I personally think the more open it all is the better.

  • @Ben – yes, when we declare the winner, we’ll reveal all traffic numbers.

  • Thank you for the opportunity to have a go at writing an article and put it into competition with others. It was a real “cliff jumping” moment for me. I hope that the content stood on its own two feet well against the other entrants and whether the traffic came or not, I know it will continue to help others into the future.

    Good luck to everyone who entered with me, they were all great articles, and to everyone that promoted ethically I salute you.

  • Oh man, I don’t think I can wait. Also, how am I going to know if I should try to influence the judges with fruit baskets and wine if I don’t know if I am one of the 5 finalist. haha.

    In other news, I JUST passed the Google Advertising Professional exam a few moments ago and wanted to announce it here first! (Of course, I was hoping to get the double win by finding out that I was part of the Final 5 in the SEM competition but I guess that can wait.)


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  • Congrats, Allison. I enjoyed your article and also really enjoyed checking out your site.

    Mike Morabito’s last blog post..Bill Gates Last Day

  • Hi Mike…looooved your entry. Good luck!!

  • It would be a good idea for us european SEOs to start such contests.

  • Oh my, oh my. It’s going to be nervous days before July 11th. For the past couple of days i have been checking MP website couple of times a day just to see the results. Am i the only one that did that?
    I still hope i can make it at least to the 5 finalists stage.

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  • Laura

    Exactly what I was thinking. There are so many great SEOs based in UK yet there are hardly any events/competitions compared to US.

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  • @Laura and Mr Marketing – well, this contest was open to everyone, including UK residents. 🙂

  • Wow, I guess I will have to wait a bit longer! This has been allot of fun! I want to thank Andy Beal and Marketing Pilgrim for the opportunity to be a part of such a worth while endeavor to our industry. I will be honest though its incredibly hard to drive traffic to a page when you don’t have access to it’s traffic data, which is one reason I think this type of contest is so interesting.

    I guess its now safe for me to take a look at the other entries! There are several that look very interesting!

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  • Seems like it’d be a tough call.

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  • As a previous winner of this contest, I mean that figuratively of course, I think that some breath holding is a good thing. Congrats to all the participants, judges and Andy, for yet another great scholarship program. You’re all winners!

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