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Trackur LogoReadWriteWeb was the first to blog our big Trackur announcement, but I’m excited to bring you news of Trackur Trends–a new way to measure social media conversation trends.

What is Trackur?

(I’ll assume there are few readers who’ve not yet seen me mention my new service, so here’s the 411)

Launched in February 2008, Trackur offers self-service social media monitoring tools. With a huge gap between Google Alerts (free) and high-end measurement services (costing thousands of $$ per month), Trackur offers an affordable, powerful option for those looking to monitor buzz about their company, executives, products, or even competitors. Trackur monitors virtually all social media, including blogs, news, videos, images, bookmarks, and even Twitter!

Tell me about Trackur Trends

We’re adding trending reports for the keywords our users are monitoring. Trackur Trends looks similar to Google Trends or Technorati’s charts, but is much more personalized to the Trackur user. Some highlights:

  • Trackur Trends loads a mini-chart right on the Trackur dashboard. Now, when you view conversations about your reputation, you can instantly view the increasing or decreasing volume of the conversation.
  • Trackur Trends is fully customized to a user’s saved search. Google Trends won’t show you the trends for “Bob’s Computers” because of the lack of volume. Trackur will monitor the trends of any keyword tracked. It also includes the filters you add. If you’re monitoring news for “Apple” but filtering out “Mac” and focusing on “iPhone.” you’ll see Trackur Trends for that exact query.
  • Expanded Trackur Trends: Click on any Trackur Trends chart in the dashboard, and you can view a larger version. From here, you can also change the timelime from 10 days, to 20 or 30 days, 3 months, or 6 months. Because Trackur Trends is custom to the user, you need to use it for 6 months, in order to get 6 months of trending data.

What are the benefits of Trackur Trends?

  • Users can monitor the changing trends for any saved search query. Are more blogs saying “Microsoft sucks” or less?
  • Watch for spikes in buzz. Did you just launch a new product? Trackur Trends will show you if the launch is generating more buzz for your company.
  • Watch for industry trends. Trackur can also be used to monitor trends in the industry. If more people are discussing “3G” maybe you’d better start stocking up on 3G phones to sell.
  • Keyword research. Use Trackur Trends to keep an eye on the keywords you target for your SEO and PPC campaigns. Which are getting hot? Which are going cold?

Is the price going up?

Nope! In fact, since the launch, we slashed pricing of the standard service from $88 a month to just $18. Along with the Trackur Trends launch, we are modifying our “Enterprise” solution. The price will increase very slightly ($188 to $197) but the number of saved searches is jumping from 15 to 50!

Get your free 14-day trial of Trackur and find out all the buzz on the web!