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It makes sense when you think about it. While Technorati is a great social media search engine, it doesn’t exactly have a sound revenue model. Until today.

TechCrunch is reporting a 9am PST launch of Technorati Media, a new CPM ad network for blogs of all sizes.

The company has been testing the new sales product with a number of partners, including BlogTalkRadio, BlogCritics, BlogCatalog, BlogTV, Technabob, GPSMagazine, GeekAlerts and NerdApproved. CEO Richard Jalichandra says these blogs reach a combined audience of approximately 17 million unique monthly visitors.

Early advertisers on the network include Honda, Acura, Toyota, t-mobile, Adobe, HP, Sandisk, MSFT, Verizon, Sun, Sony, Visa, Nike, Scion, Chevrolet, Paramount, Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox and Best Buy.

The new site is currently password protected, but, if TC is correct with the launch, you should be able to take a look later today.

  • Joe Hall

    I think this is a clear sign that the future of web 2.0 will depend on these types of revenue generating programs and those that get into the mix early are going to profit the most. Good Job Technorati!

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  • Nicole Price

    Yes, money has to come from somewhere. Good move.

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  • Steven Finch

    This is all very interesting news. Im a very keen watcher of ad networks and growing trends. I do think this will save technorati, but i still think they wont be a major player in this market. Unless they have some bloody amazing sales staff.

    [link removed]

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  • Eva White

    Well if there is no revenue generated what’s the whole point of putting in all the effort? Should be interesting to see how it shapes up.

    Eva White’s last blog post..Canada’s Apology To The Indian People

  • DeeMX

    “17 million unique monthly visitors” – it’s great advertisement resources for world brands. I like the Technorati’s web 2.0 strategy.

  • Top Rated

    I like more revenue stream options, and haven’t been overly impressed with some of my advertising partners lately. This may provide a nice alternative option.

    Top Rated’s last blog post..Absolutely The Best Point And Shoot Digital Camera

  • http:// Otilia Otlacan

    I wonder what has made them choose the CPM pricing model. Surely, it is the most hassle-free to implement but it is also the easiest to be tricked by not-so-honest publishers.
    Any word out there on how they will prevent invalid impressions?

    Otilia Otlacan’s last blog post..IAB Extends Membership Benefits to Small Publishers

  • MB Web Design

    “Technorati is the web’s coffee house” is how they’re currently pitching themselves. Nice.

    Does Google own Technoarti? It sounds like the kind of “we’re friendly, not money hungry” spin Google like to put out about themselves.