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Either I’m really running high on the productivity scale or it’s a really slow news day. Knowing me, it ain’t my productivity. So here are the select few stories that weren’t quite worth a post, but are worth a look:

Revaluing Social Networks: TechCrunch looks at another way to assign valuations to social networks. He’s calculated the average Internet ad spend per user in each country, then multiplied that out by the number of users for each social network in each country (where data is available, of course).

Who comes out on top? MySpace, of course, though their lead over Facebook in dollar terms depends on which recent deal in social networking you base the index on. And the country with the highest ad spend per user? The UK ($213), followed by Australia ($148) and Denmark ($144) (then the US with $132).

Holistic Fox: Eric Enge delivers another great interview, this time with Vanessa Fox on holistic Internet marketing. They cover everything from designing your website to leveraging social networks to providing value to your customers in web copy—and real service.

USA Today Covers SEO: For once, mainstream media may have found a good way to cover SEO: ask Matt Cutts. While the five tips in the article just touch on the basics, it’s probably a pretty decent first-blush introduction to an industry that most people haven’t really heard of (and if they had, it’s probably not in a good way). via

IAC Offshoots Inbreeding: The old IAC is splitting into five companies, but they’re not quite ready to sever all ties. IAC is building an ad network to interlink the sites of the five new businesses’ constituents. Their USP is slated to be their targeted audience(s).

  • I have read your previous work and I tend to agree it must have been a slow day today.

  • LOL @ ‘IAC Offshoots Inbreeding’… seems like they’ve got everything figured out, although the $1 – $1.50 CPMs aren’t really something to flaunt.

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  • The USA has more users which brings down the per user ad spend even when the actual ad spend is of a higher value.

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