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After a season of twists and turns, The Young & the Profitless comes to a dramatic season finale…

When it became clear that Brad (MSFT) was not the guy for Stacey (YHOO), she found herself in emotional turmoil, wondering what to do next. Grant (GOOG) was waiting in the wings, but Stacey couldn’t quite tear herself away from Brad’s charms.

After weeks of Brad trying to convince Stacey that she should “give him the milk for free, without him having to buy the cow” Stacey finally announced that she would have nothing more to do with Brad.

After placing a break-up announcement on (Nonofyour)BusinessWire, she called up Grant and told him that he was the guy for her.

The planned 4:30pm announcement was pushed back to 6:30pm, because Cap’ had leaked the announcement–Stacey and Grant were not going to be rushed! When they finally appeared together, to make their announcement, their friends and family were somewhat skeptical of their intentions.

A ten year marriage, renewable after that? A pre-nup that allowed either one of them to annul the marriage and marry someone else instead? A special provision in case Brad came up with a bigger engagement ring than before? And, most shockingly, both parties could “see other people” and even marry them too!

Is the marriage a sham? Will Brad make another move for Stacey? Will the local judge approve a polygamous marriage? Will they adopt a baby from an African village?

Set your DVR’s for the next season of… The Young & the Profitless.

  • If you acted it out and started a webcast, I bet you could get a really nice slice of traffic. Just an idea! 😉

    Seologia’s last blog post..Nuevas funciones en Google Trends

  • @Seologia – you know what, I probably couldn’t act any worse than those on actual daytime soaps. 😉

  • Jordan McCollum

    Oh, my life is complete now!

  • This is really good. Maybe if you can’t act, you should just start writing the scripts on these daily soaps. i’m sure you’ll do a better job than the current writers.

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