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Over the last 3 years, UK internet traffic to blogs and personal websites has grown by 208%, according to new data from Hitwise.

The web intelligence company has just released new data on blog readership in the United Kingdom which shows 1.19% of all UK web traffic flowed to a blog. (Not a single blog–that would be a great site to own–but to blogs in general)

This chart shows just how much blog readership in the UK has grown…

How does this compare with US readership? Despite what we may think about the US being on the "cutting edge" of social media, only 0.73% of all US traffic flowed to blog/personal journal sites.

  • Could this be a factor that many people believe that Blog stands for better listing on Google!

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  • Could this simply mean that UK readers have more time on their hands to enjoy reading such blogs? With the American economy like it is and with everyone scrambling to make ends meet, it seems we have less leisure time. Could be wrong…

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  • I think the UK is approaching, or in, the same real estate hardships we’re experiencing.

    I’m sure it has a lot to do with the population differences. .73% of 300 + mill is a lot more than 1.2% of 60+ mill.

    It takes time to spread the word to more people.

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  • Today, blogs is popular format for presenting online information. Blogs in good SE bonus and webmasters use it property.

  • I guess it is wise to link up with blogs in the UK for additional traffic.

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  • I have the same opinion as Mike does. It is really beneficial to link up with blogs in the UK. besides, by means of blog one can get a useful and outstanding info not found in media

  • Ren

    Probably the rest of the US traffics went to video streaming sites and social networking sites like myspace.

  • I think US inet users are more involved in commerce and services in the Internet.

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  • Awesome, and look at the 24th december. There is something like a hand.

  • I think it’s very good to know that UK is Growing… the same think is happening here in Brazil too…

  • I would say let us start concentrating on building better blogs and people will come! Let blogs not go the same way as the automobile industry is going.

  • The statistic I want to know is what percentage of internet traffic ended up at a website of ill-repute? I’d wager it’s higher than blogs, that’s for sure.

  • Interesting, just when we thought we were on the cutting edge we discover we are being cut by the edge. Ouch! Actually if we take a closer look we might just find that more than the UK is ahead of us in this game called Internet. However, that certainly doesn’t mean we don’t have the ability to catch up; and even if that ends up being the case making a living from 2nd or 3rd place remains as plausable as from 1st place. Afterall, not everyone can be number 1.