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Vivisimo, an enterprise search company based in Pennsylvania, announced Thursday that it has expanded its search affiliate program, which offers a free search engine for all government Web sites.

This search platform indexes more than 50 million government documents.

The platform covers news, images, frequently asked questions, maps, and weather forecasts. Searchers can also find government contact information, applications, and notices regarding jobs and benefits. Managers of web sites related to the government can add new features to their sites and even ambiguous search terms will extract useful information, Vivisimo said.

“Using Vivisimo’s superior search technology, and the expanded search affiliate program, anybody can easily access the vast amounts of information collected and generated by the U.S. government,” Raul Valdes-Perez, CEO and co-founder of Vivisimo, said in an announcement. “Vivisimo’s intuitive user-interface turns complexity into simplicity — and will help millions of people to get quick, authoritative answers to their questions.”

The latest version of Velocity’s platform includes Web 2.0 functionalities, like social tagging and social bookmarking.

Early users of the platform include, the National Library of Medicine,, the governments of New Zealand, and Israel.

This platform, which began with, will offer citizens searching for information on government sites, at all levels, a faster, more efficient, and usable search experience.

It is interesting to note that government webmasters are seeking high quality vertical search solutions. Companies such as Vivisimo will likely begin to offer similar vertical search technology to industries. It remains to be seen how such offerings will fair against Google’s customizable search product and it’s low price point.

  • Wow that’s the way to find a needle in the hay stack. I guess competition is always healthy in such cases.

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  • I think Vivisimo provides us with great opportunity to be informed. This is a perfect tool for getting necessary info that may be found in 50 million government documents. Good job and good opportunity!!!

  • This sounds quite interesting, although I agree the main competitor will be CSE (Google’s Custom Search Engine). I’ve used CSE in both its free and business version and its capabilities are really stunning – Velocity’s winning point, if played well, can be the social media integration and the opportunities associated with it.

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  • The Right to Information just got a lot easier.

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  • @Otilia: I can’t see that social media integration will be such a huge plus point over Google CSE, to be frank. Surely it’s a matter of time before Google recognises the potential and integrates that into CSE as well, at which point it’s game over.

  • Joe

    I think trying to building an all purpose search engine to take on google is a fools errand. Don’t think a better mouse can be built and, if it were, how get a toehold in the market against the woolly mammoth? I like the specialty search engine concept that Vivisimo is rolling out. I see they are partnering with the government to create the product (even better).

  • Now thats some hard work to beat the daddy Google.

  • Hmmmm, trawling government websites…I can’t wait to see all the goodies this is going to unearth. Some government scandals just waiting to get exposed. Good. Another way to hold government accountable and keep it transparent.