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How do you get online video viewers to interact with the clips they’re watching? Well, if you’re posting your video to YouTube, you can now use annotations.

With YouTube’s Video Annotations, you can:

  • Add background information about the video.
  • Create stories with multiple possibilities (viewers click to choose the next scene)
  • Link to related YouTube videos, channels, or search results from within a video
  • All of the above!

The annotations don’t appear to let you link to non-YouTube content–which would be awesome for companies hoping to direct visitors back to their website–and they also don’t appear in embedded versions of video.

If you want to see the annotations in action, watch this magic card trick video.


  • PS3

    You mention using annotations to link to other You Tube videos but does it facilitate off site links? I personally hope not, that would just be more fuel for the spam brigade.

  • @PS3 – I don’t believe it does.

  • Interesting features…Actually it will be great if we can link to non-YouTube content.

  • Looks interesting and opens new possibilities for youtube advertisers as for me.

  • Pretty sweet! something new everyday … I can think of a lot of things that this will work wonders for

  • I’m never post video to Youtube, but I think what is great features. I hope what is no means to spam.

  • Just look at the most viewed videos for today, they are mostly from that stupid card trick video a 5 year old could figure out. Guess these will be the new video marketing trick and will greatly clutter the video space with “partial” or “chapter” videos instead of the whole story in one.

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