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I just had to publish a post that I could title “1,000,000,000,000” (1 trillion) and Google gives me the perfect opportunity with news that its spiders have discovered that many web pages.

The first Google index in 1998 already had 26 million pages, and by 2000 the Google index reached the one billion mark. Over the last eight years, we’ve seen a lot of big numbers about how much content is really out there. Recently, even our search engineers stopped in awe about just how big the web is these days — when our systems that process links on the web to find new content hit a milestone: 1 trillion (as in 1,000,000,000,000) unique URLs on the web at once!

Google stopped displaying the size of its search index at around the 30 billion mark–which prevented a “mine is bigger than yours” tussle with Yahoo. While 1 trillion is an impressive number, keep in mind that this is not actually the size of Google’s current index.

We don’t index every one of those trillion pages — many of them are similar to each other, or represent auto-generated content similar to the calendar example that isn’t very useful to searchers.

Still, 1 trillion is a big number. Need a comparison? 1 trillion is the current price for a barrel of oil!!!! πŸ˜›

  • wonder if they know most of those 1 trillion sites are similar to each other because they have google adsense on them … oh was I not supposed to point that out πŸ˜‰

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  • What a number that is; the growth of the internet is insane. I’m just glad to be part of the wave.

    P.S I hope I answered that spam protection correctly it really had me thinking.

  • @graywolf – dude, you do know there’s a PR update coming, don’t you? You need to keep quiet! πŸ˜‰

    @Bloggeries – looks like your basic math didn’t fail you! πŸ™‚

  • Very Nice. Wow, that is one expensive barrel of oil. I admit, I chuckled out loud.

    Good stuff.

    Have a great weekend.

  • haha I love the oil reference. Have a good weekend!

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  • I wonder how many of those 1,000,000,000,000 are duplicate content.

    @Andy: I love the oil reference.

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  • I think the the .me sale helped that number. As for the oil price, I think I need to start looking at my choice of career path, who pays a tril for SEO? haha

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  • Dean

    What they fail to point out is that the number of web pages drops to 46,129 if you exclude those that include paparazzi shots of Britney, Paris, and Lindsay Lohan.

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  • Wow,

    Let’s see how long it takes to get you to the top for that search.

    Pretty nuts that there are that many pages out there.

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  • @graywolf


    I wonder how many of those indexed pages are blog farms? Blogspot itself shows 330,000,000

  • Yeay, there will be PR update soon. By the way this is an interesting facts knowing that there are so many pages indexed in Google itself. Now, it is 1 trillion, is there a 1 zillion? what about 1 goooooogle?

  • I could see this confusing a lot of business owners.

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  • Wow this is truly amazing info. What will that number be 10 years from now?

  • Nothing in history has ever achieved this size. Just imagine what kind of a world that we are living in. What next?

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  • This is an amazing number of indexed sites. It would be interesting how many pages they have actually indexed. How many pages does google think are worth it.
    And how many pages have actually been seen by humans other than the author?

  • I’ve hear of a few BlackHats that create that many pages in a weekend. No biggie πŸ˜‰

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  • Wow, it’s a very big number…

  • That’s quite insane. How do they manage to index so many pages!…

  • Its Goooooooooooogle Keep it up G….

  • 1 trillion πŸ™‚

  • such a curious title…