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For Marketing Pilgrim readers who love data – here is a follow-up to Rapleaf’s social media study. The link has a spreadsheet that you can apply formulas to. The study looked at 49.3 million people on social networks and breaks them down by age and gender. This is good to study to look at if you want a general idea where to focus your marketing on a specific social network to a target customer.

The first group post about this talked about how men often have more “friends” on social networks and tend to be on LinkedIn and Flickr. Facebook and MySpace has more women. Men and women on average have 2-25 friends. So if you have more, you’re above average :)

Other Highlights on the Social Media Network Study:

  • Women ages 14-24 dominate activity on social networks and have more friends than men of the same ages.
  • Men ages 35+ are more active and have more friends than women of the same ages.
  • There are a disproportionately high number of 69 year olds across various social networks.

For some reason, 69 year olds have a strong showing on social networks. I have to assume that’s because when people create a fake profile, most of the sites have the default age set to 69. Or that’s what comes to people’s mind the fastest when they need to make up an age.

My mom just turned 73 this week and based on her and her real life friends, I doubt any one could name even one social network. However, even being a social online, I don’t recognize a lot of the social networks either – have you heard of Perfspot?

More women than men. If you combine the results on all social networks combined, there were almost 25 million females represented, compared to over 20 million males. Maybe the stereotype

  • QualityGal

    I can think of another reason why someone would choose to put their age at 69, but it’s NSFW. My guess is that many “69 year olds” are lonely teenagers and college students.

    QualityGal’s last blog post..I Feel Lucky and have big Dreams, and we?re up to 40 now.

  • Andy Beal

    Great post and great observation Janet!

  • jennie

    I work as an ad agent for a UK publishing house, and we have a partnership with PerfSpot. Good company growing quickly.. They are only about two years old and we have worked with them for the last 9 month.. I believe they are mostly international.

  • SpaceBased

    I agree with QualityGal – I am a college girl and have a number of friends who would use 69 solely for the humor they find in the sexual connotation. I doubt there really is a disproportionate number of 69 year olds using social networks…

  • Tony

    Should have been “lonely teenagers with a short attention span”. Seeing as next year all of the social networks will bump their age up to 70.

    Tony’s last blog Survey.

  • Brian

    Not surprising at all. Just one more reason social networks are poor for business. If you need to market to the 14-24 crowd then it is great, but for any other business marketing, social networks are terrbible.

  • Fifty Studio

    I think the age choice is a “gutter mind” choice.

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  • Utah SEO Pro

    69 is always overrepresented.

    Utah SEO Pro’s last blog post..Advanced Keyword Research for SEO

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  • Dr Marketing

    2 to 25 friends? I was never expecting that. I have around 300 friends on facebook and none of them have less than 25 friends. But yet again it probably has something to do with university/college crowd.

    Dr Marketing’s last blog post..How AdSense vigilantes earn money

  • Goran Web Design

    Shows how the statistics that marketing companies use can be so different unless you look further. We can all pretend to be whatever we wish.

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