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If a picture is worth a thousand words then this one is worth at least twice that. This photo is from July 10 the Allen & Co. conference in Sun Valley, Idaho. Yahoo’s founder Jerry Yang (in middle with head in hands) is talking with Google founders Larry Page (l) and Sergey Brin (r). Considering the current state of affairs of the parties represented here I have to suspect that this conversation may have gone something like this:

Larry: So Jerry, how’s it going?

Jerry: How do you think it’s going?!

Sergey: Do you think I should pack light or heavy when I get shot into space?

Well, you get the picture ;-). What do you think a caption for this photo should read? What do you think may have been said amongst these new media giants?

C’mon, Pilgrims, it’s Friday. Get creative and give us your thoughts.

Have a great weekend!

  • Looks like they’re offering Jerry a starting position in the company. Maybe a tour of duty in the mail room with potential for advancement if they see a positive attitude and solid performance. Too kind!

  • Paper, rock, scissors. Who ever wins, gets Yahoo!

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  • Well… as the Jerry position at picture, he is not so well as he want’s to show… may be they are talking about the Yahoo’s falling stocks price and how the market react about his no for MS offer.

  • Are they friends ? The founders of Google and Yahoo, The Lords Of The Internet.

  • Larry = Selling

    Sergey = Strategizing

    Jerry = Struggling

  • LMAO at all of the above – great stuff, keep them coming!

  • V

    They are probably talking how to finish their PhD

  • This is going to be fun………..

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  • Jerry: So that’s how you guys did it, damn I wish I would have thought about that.

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  • WD

    Jerry: So where this contract says “soul”, can you define that.

  • Larry: You know being second place in the Search wars is not that bad.

    Jerry: I think I should have ordered the tuna…

    Sergey: Hey Larry, did you see that movie “I Am Legend”?

    Larry: Yeah. it’s starting to feel a little like that around here…

    Jerry: Yup, I should have ordered the tuna.

    Seriously though, Jerry Yang is a brilliant man. I love the fact that he is taking such as strong stand to hold on tho the company help help built. I have gained much respect for Yahoo in recent months. Judging by the pic, it may be starting to take its toll on Mr. Yang. Fight the goof Fight!

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  • We told you you should wear dark sunglasses, Jerry! We’re celebrities, you know. Quick, hide your face!

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  • Jerry: I can never work the tip calculator on this Android phone.

  • Sergey: Did you guys watch The Hills last night?
    Larry: Yeah that Lauren Conrad is a hottie.
    Jerry: I just don’t understand what Heidi sees in Spencer! He has never had enough Yahoo Buzz to make it on the front page.

  • Yang:
    Where are you guys camping out for a 3G iPhone?

    Sergey and Brin: {silence}

    Steve stopped by with several last week Jerry. We’ll send you one.

  • Seph

    Larry: you kmow Jerry ?…
    Im dating your sister.


  • In a statement to the press earlier today, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer strenuously denied allegations he has been studying Sith mind control techniques.

  • I’m curious to know who the fourth person is.

  • @Fifty – good eye. Don’t know.

  • Jerry: I should have bought you guys out when I had the chance…

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  • The more I look at it, the more I wonder. It just looks like there is someone behind Brin. The grassy knoll person?

  • I think jerry’s trying to hide behind that awkwardly placed pot. “If MSFT doesn’t see me then I don’t exist right?”

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  • Yang: “This Hair Club for men thing really works!”
    Page: Ya, We just bought them out last week – offering free GoogleHair now to all men
    Brin: The glare of the sun off all those bald heads is washing out our Google Earth images. Hopefully this helps.

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  • Sergey: “Hmm, I have thought about this in great detail and in all honesty I believe you are screwed.”

    Larry: “Ha ha ha, yeah you really are Yangy… hey, is that hair on the table?”

    Yang: “Oh my god, it is! I am losing my hair, look at this! Give me another month and I am going to look as scary as Ballmer!”

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  • Sergey: Jerry you gotta let loose a little bit man, you look like you are about to have a breakdown.

    Larry: Yeah if you don’t have your sunglasses at least tossle your hair a bit so you don’t look so uptight.

    Jerry: I know I know, it’s just, well you guys know what it’s like where I’m at, I mean I don’t even have a bean bag in my office.

  • Larry: So Jerry, how’s it hangin?

    Jerry: Shhh, is that a Yahoo shareholder over there. Quick, pretend I’m not here.

    Sergey: Are those chips?

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  • You guys are very talented. We should do caption contests more often!

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  • I whipped up a couple of images for how I thought the conversation might have gone (check out the CommentLuv link).

    Sergey: Hey, isn’t that Bill over there?
    Larry: Whataya think Jerry, should we invite him over?
    Jerry: I’d really rather you didn’t. He keeps telling me to call him “daddy.”

    Lol… Thanks for posting this pic, it’s priceless!

    Gevil’s last blog post..The Google and Yahoo Lunch

  • Ha ha, funny link Gevil. I agree with you Andy, although I was too late to comment really, I think it is quite entertaining.

  • “Why oh why did I ever get into this?”

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  • “Anything to get Microsoft off my back, ANYTHING!!!!”

  • Well at least they are talking.

    I cant believe you dont like my hair style.

  • Jerry: The maid left this wonderful honey and mango hair conditioner in my hotel room, my hair’s so smooth. I feel like I should be in a L’Oreal advert… I wonder where I can get some?

    Sergei: Maybe you should google it.

    Larry: Dude…

  • They were plotting Microsoft’s death.

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  • Jerry: One day I will surely revenge yourselves

  • PS3

    Guy with head in his hands:

    Dammit, they’ve spotted my bald patch on Google Earth!

  • Jerry – Guys I seem a little short on cash, could someone spot me $50 a share for lunch?

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  • worth 5k words..

    very interesting pic. 🙂

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  • Larry: Good night last night wasnt it.

    Sergie: Yeah. You had fun didn’t you Jerry.

    Jerry: You could of told me that she was really a man before I found out the way I did.

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  • Jerry: Man, I had waaay too many Yahootinis last night!

    Larry: I would have too…that was a Microsoft-sponsored event.

    Sergey: You know, I thought I saw Steve behind the bar at one point…

    Jerry: Aw, crap.

  • Do ya think they actually divide the check, or ask for separate tabs? haha

    That’s the most money I’ve ever seen in one place outside of driving past one of the Federal Reserves!

  • PS3

    I agree Andy, you really ought to have a regular caption context, we all like to have a go at (trying ) being funny!

  • He is just like the confused Stacey 🙂

  • All 3 of them look like having abig hangover. They are probably not saying very much. But the talks in the night before could be really interesting.

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  • Jerry: I searched for Yahoo on Google today and it says: Did you mean the one Microsoft is poking fun of. I could not believe it. Larry can you change the algorithm a little bit.

  • Larry: hey , how do u feel guys ?.

    Sergie: hmm fine larry , you jerry ?.

    Jerry: fine sergie , you larry ? .

  • Larry it is fate… don’t you see the formula that makes it your obligation. Don’t you see the mathematical relationship. It is not a coincidence but done with intent and…

  • Discussing on the ingredients of American Pasta !!

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  • I think it’s about time you post another caption contest! 😉

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