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Considering Jordan continued blogging up until just this Friday, you probably had little idea that she was about to give birth to her second baby.

Well, the very next day Rebecca was born. Isn’t she a cutie?

If the doctor’s had let her, Jordan would have probably live-blogged the birth! Instead, her husband Ryan was coached through his first blog post. You can read the details here.

Jordan will–hopefully–take a few weeks off and spend time with her new daughter, but we know she won’t be able to stay away for too long–how can anyone resist the lure of Linky Goodness?

Please join me in congratulating Jordan.

  • Fifty Studio

    This stuff melts my heart. I had a little girl 10 months ago, and it changes you. Congrats to her.

  • Ed Shaz/ NextInstinct

    Congratulations Jordan and Ryan and Hayden!
    Wishing you all Blessings of Health.

  • Joe Hall

    Wow! This is the kind of post that we need more often! Congratulations Jordan! Let us know when we can start following Rebecca on Twitter!

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  • Frank Reed

    Congratulations! Rebecca is beautiful. Our prayers are with you as you and your family go on an incredible adventure together. I have three with the youngest being 18 months and every day is a joy (with some real goofiness sprinkled in). Welcome to the world, Rebecca!

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  • Barry Schwartz

    Wow, so cute. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Alex Hachtman

    Congrats Jordan! I am super happy for you. I wish you a quick recovery and lots of sleep. May it come soon and in large quantities.



  • Michael E. Rubin, Blog Council

    Hi Jordan,

    Congrats and mazel tov. She’s beautiful!


  • Erik

    Congratulations Jordan!


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  • Matt McGee

    What an adorable baby! Congrats to the McCollum family. :-)

  • Nicole Price

    Congratulations Jordan. Great news and a great photograph of a great looking baby.

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  • Roderick Ioerger

    Congratulations Jordan! This is terrific news, I wish you and your family all the happiness the world has to offer.


  • Sheila

    Congratulations to the McCollum family!

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  • janeHallowell

    Congratulations on the Beautiful baby! What a cutie-pie!

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