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You may experience difficulty accessing Google Calendar during the
hours of 1:30 pm and 4:30 pm PDT, today (July 17th). For each affected
calendar, this should last approximately 15 minutes.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your

That’s the message you’ll find at the Google Calendar Help center.

It’s currently 5:50 pm PT–an hour and twenty minutes after the timeslot–and my calendar is completely blank.

Now, before anyone comments “what do you expect for free,” keep in mind that I pay for Google Apps and, as a consultant, I kinda rely on my ability to schedule client appointments.

Google, can I have my calendar back?

UPDATE: It’s 7:20 pm PT and a rather vague response on the Google Calendar Group:

We’re aware that a very small subset of people may be seeing an empty calendar, but rest assured that your data is safe. The team is working on a fix.

No apology, no explanation as to what the issue is, nor a timeline for when the data will be back. My response included:

What are we looking at? A few minutes, hours, days, weeks? Do I need to ask Viacom to get a judge to hand over my calendar entries, before I see them again?

UPDATE 2: 12 hours in, and my Google Calendar is still completely empty. Google, this sucks!

  • Ouch. Hopefully they lost their search data on everyone too.

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  • Is it the time for us back to manual organizer πŸ™‚ ?

  • That’s why I still keep an old fashioned, old school A4, page a day dairy. I also like to doodle, and a computer interface just doesn’t lend itself to that!

  • Jasper

    Probably fixing an exploit found with Google Calendar:

    Yeah we should never rely using online diaries, but it makes life so much easier.

  • I agree with Web marketing Man. But mine is A5 and easier to carry. And it is much easier to use than an online-tool because my desk is much bigger than my screen! And i can use it where i have no internet connection at clients.

  • I use Google’s service as my diary and appointment scheduler. Love the text message alerts, it makes time management much easier. Downtime is a no-no though, especially when you’re ultra reliant on it.

  • I use google calendar sync to sync up my google and outlook calendars. in that way even if GCal is down I can still add appointments and sync later.

  • lol.
    I never knew that google has a calender function.
    I hope, they will give you yours back-and I will make one by myself now πŸ™‚

  • I think it is too bad for google

  • Why do you think that this is too bad for google?
    Its not looking so bad-on my point of view.

  • My diary is there, phew. I think they need to implement some sort of backup facility. My business life is on-line and I do not back it up at all.

  • Lea

    Oh, all deleted.
    I have a calender since 1 months and I am very satisfied with it.

  • Tremendous! According to GCalendar I have a completely free upcoming week! I’m off on holiday.

  • @Goran Web Design yes you can back up your Google calendar to outlook using Google Calendar Sync –