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It seems that Robert Scoble is a true "disrupter" of technology. This time, his blog is causing Google’s Sitelinks a little bit of a headache. 😉

  • Oh wow – thats pretty crazy. Its pretty cleaned up on my end though.

  • That is crazy, it looks normal on my end too!

  • Miguel Cancino

    It’s just your broken computer.

  • Yeah, I hit refresh a few times, but it’s still that ugly. 🙂

  • It looks normal on my machine too.

  • If you are talking about ugly things, then check your comment bar with Opera 9.5, can’t see all “popular posts”, because text area is too big 😉

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  • @Vygantas – get a better browser! 😛

  • that’s some major screen real estate.

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  • PS3

    The ultimate authority site, like it!

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  • That’s pretty wild. Looks fine on my end though

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  • Nothing amiss at my end either!

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  • Thanks everyone. Strange how it’s still showing the above for me.

  • Andy,

    I’m using other browsers as well, just thought to let you know that 🙂

    Opera got ~0.73% market share (according to hitslink), that’s a lot of users, you know. I think that if this bug would be fixed, you could please millions of the upcoming or current MP visitors. Just my 2c 😉

    Vygantas’s last blog post..Change Opera Theme Color Scheme

  • @Vygantas – have you checked to see if you’ve changed any default settings? I sometime here the exact same issue from Firefox users, but it’s usually because they’ve disabled a formatting option.

  • I don’t see the same result from my computer.

  • LOL about the browser –

    That truly doesn’t look like anything Google would deliver – it’s good for a good laugh though

  • Just opened up Opera and it looks good to me 😉

    not a bad browser actually – could use a few features that Firefox has made it impossible for me to live w/o.

  • I do not like sitelinks. Google picked two random parts of my site that I don’t really even want to be that visible, so I had to nix them in my robots.txt file