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I’m shocked that video search engine Blinkx has not been acquired by a larger company. It seems like Blinkx is continually in the news, is constantly innovating, had a UK IPO in 2007, yet appears not to be an acquisition target for one of the "big boys."

Maybe Blinkx is feeling the frustration of not being invited to the big dance. Today it announced the launch of Red Label, a public API for anyone looking to include Blinkx’s video search results in their own search results.

"If you have fewer than 10,000 searches per day, you can have access for free. If you have more than 10,000, we ask you to monetize it and share with us," [Chief Executive and founder Suranga] Chandratillake said. Sites can incorporate Blinkx’s advertisements and split revenue evenly; those sites that already have monetization under way must work out a specific revenue-sharing plan with the company, he added.

It looks like Blinkx is following the lead of Yahoo–which recently opened up its search results. Maybe if Blinkx can get hundreds (or thousands) of other web sites using its search results, it will finally get the attention of a sugar daddy.

  • To be honest though, from my limited experience with Blinkx it really doesn’t seem to be a good product. There is way to much activity on the screen at one time causing an almost nauseating sensation. And their search, seems limited. I think this is mostly true because they haven’t mastered relevance algorythmns yet (google spoiled). But I think the biggest thing that Blinkx has to do to literally “sell” its self is to become more trendy. Integrating some social elements would help with that.

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  • Agree with Joe on the user experience issue but still, I believe Blinkx has a lot to offer if they polish up their services. They seem to be on the good way of understanding how to monetize video content – hope they won’t overdo it and allienate the user base though.
    Does anybody know if and how exactly will they monetize their syndicated content, in terms of targeting?

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  • Unfortunately I am not the one who knows. But would like to know

  • Got absolutely no experience with using Blink, however have to agree that their approach to get their service adopted by as many users as possible is the most logical way to go about it. Let’s see where this goes, will go and try them out in any case. Thanks for the heads up.

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