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Google has wasted no time in acquiring Omnisio an online video tools company that only launched publicly in March of this year.

TechCrunch explains what might soon come to YouTube via this acquisition:

The service lets users annotate videos, mash various clips up, and synchronize Slideshare presentations to videos (great for conference presentations). Omnisio users can extract sections of clips they find on the web (currently only those on YouTube, Google Video, or They can then take those clips and stitch them together to form new, embeddable compilations.

Want to see Ominisio in action? Check out the embeded video below.

  • Wow this will be awesome! Looking forward to seeing the new features.

  • And the question looms. How is Google going to monetize its massive YouTube investment?

  • shirley

    sounds great!

  • Online video editing…love it! This is definitely something to write home about.

  • MGA

    It is quite interesting…

  • Its about time. There are so many video sharing websites way in front of Youtube in terms of technology as well as features.

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  • This is going to be really cool for Youtube. Any good new features that make the site and the user experience more dynamic and interactive is a good thing. Mashups and compilations could be really cool and add a whole new element to the site.. I’m ready for it.

  • That is pretty sweet! What a great feature to be added to an already amazing service. Maybe google can start charging?

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  • Thats awesome news, looking forward to seeing it.

  • Traditional online video is definitely going to be changing at a rapid pace. I think this is great on the accessibility front as well.

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  • I wonder if they plan to monetize these services.

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  • To make money with YouTube, this is what Google has to do…

    On the most viewed clips (clips with, let say, already 1000 views) (doesn’t matter who posted them) YouTube automatically implements a 5 seconds overlay ad that appears over the player and blocks out (darkens) everything else. (It gives a bit of time for the clip to load in the background as well).

    This overlay is a 5 seconds spot (can’t be longer than that and it doesn’t link to a company website if you click on it. It’s like a really, really short TV spot. It can be a still picture for outfits with very little budgets…)

    Now, people don’t like ads… but they like GAMES and they like to COLLECT stuff.

    Each overlay ad is a mini 5 seconds GAME. You have three colored dots on the overlay. The viewer clicks on ONE of them. One is a winner, two are duds. If you’re lucky to pick the winner (you only have one chance) during the 5 secs, you receive a TOKEN that is automatically added to your YouTube account. (It encourages you to stay registered…)

    Now, you COLLECT these tokens. If you win a certain number of similar tokens, you can EXCHANGE them against full-length HD Hollywood Films or TV shows on YouTube. The fun part could be that you have different categorires of tokens. (Some would be for specific film genres or just for one TV show and some could be really hard to find, worth maybe ten tokens, etc.) (Tokens are generated randomly by the system.)

    Now, you have the problem of guys posting shows and seeing Google make money off their film. Well, they need to be rewarded too. For a succesful posting (ie lots of viewers) they also receive TOKENS… to be exchanged to watch high-quality HD movies or TV shows.

    Now, these HD movies or TV shows in the “HD Theatre section of YouTube” can also be sponsored with a longer lead-in spot… That’s even more money for Google.

    Now, we have the problem of big brand names not wanting to have their spots stuck on “Jimmy and his weird cat”… Well, they could “control” where their 5 Secs. spots go by teaming with content suppliers through YouTube. Example, a Coca-Cola campaign with Viacom clips… Viacom takes all the succesful shows they own like, for example, “Spongebob”. They cut out little “gems” (two to three minute clips) and they post them on YouTube to watch for free… Viacom via Google sell their 5 second spots to Coca-cola. Everybody is happy. The viewer, who enjoys these mini-clips, can even link to the full episode of Spongebob on YouTube. He can pay by redeeming TOKENS or he can pay with real money for the full episode or combine both. (It’s all streaming anyway! It’s like TV a la carte.)

    Now, what about the “Jim and his weird cat” clips. Who pays for these 5 secs ads? Well, it’s like Google’s Adsense, it’s small outfits who purchase so many spots. You can buy a thousand spots or ten thousand spots to be randomly placed on clips or based on the clip’s TAGS and on the clip’s level of viewership. The outfit supplies the spot or the still and pays Google directly up front.

    A system like this is not that difficult to implement. (If they’re real smart, they can have it work just the same on imbedded videos on other sites) Anyway, it’s fun for all involved and all get something out of it. Everybody is a winner especially Google who makes tons of money from the big guys but also… most importantly…from the long, long tail of all the little guys. Viewers are hooked to YouTube forever! Even if they’re just there to click on ads and forget about the clips… the most important is done. Money!

    Here, you have it.


    (If Google wants more ideas like this one, they can contact me. I’m the guy behind