Posted July 9, 2008 1:10 am by with 22 comments

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This must have been a tough one for the search giant to figure out.

People read numbers better than they do colors.

Google has started to add Approximate word counts on their Adwords keyword tool, along side of their vague colored bar graphs, which used to be the only data they gave.

The reason behind these moves by the big G, or small g or whatever they are being called this week, is likely their realization that the future of paid search is in the small business. SMBs love freebies, and anything that can help them minimize how far they have to spread their marketing dollar.

Microsoft has been making a strong push in ’08 to improve their paid search service, at least in terms of user side services and tools. I doubt that factored into Google’s decision to spruce up this service, but no matter what it shows that both search engines realize non-agency advertisers are going to be of growing importance.

For marketers, this gives you a great tool to utilize from within your Google MCC (My Client Center). You can now more effectively search for new keywords and search trends without leaving the system to go to a third party keyword tool.

For everyone else involved in the web, you now have a great free keyword tool to utilize in your site’s optimization.

I wouldn’t abandon your favorite keyword tool yet, as I approach all data from Google with skepticism. Also the tool approximates by month, and for some Internet marketers more timely keyword data is needed.