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This must have been a tough one for the search giant to figure out.

People read numbers better than they do colors.

Google has started to add Approximate word counts on their Adwords keyword tool, along side of their vague colored bar graphs, which used to be the only data they gave.

The reason behind these moves by the big G, or small g or whatever they are being called this week, is likely their realization that the future of paid search is in the small business. SMBs love freebies, and anything that can help them minimize how far they have to spread their marketing dollar.

Microsoft has been making a strong push in ’08 to improve their paid search service, at least in terms of user side services and tools. I doubt that factored into Google’s decision to spruce up this service, but no matter what it shows that both search engines realize non-agency advertisers are going to be of growing importance.

For marketers, this gives you a great tool to utilize from within your Google MCC (My Client Center). You can now more effectively search for new keywords and search trends without leaving the system to go to a third party keyword tool.

For everyone else involved in the web, you now have a great free keyword tool to utilize in your site’s optimization.

I wouldn’t abandon your favorite keyword tool yet, as I approach all data from Google with skepticism. Also the tool approximates by month, and for some Internet marketers more timely keyword data is needed.

  • Vince

    I’ve been reading, and hearing, these are more than approximate, they’re pretty darn accurate.

    bout time.

    Thanks for the post.

  • Independent Software Testing

    Good! Google updated the tool but not the help icon. Try to mouse-over the help icon or take a look at the screen-shot below, it still describes about the previous shaded bar…

  • David Temple

    I agree that you shouldn’t abandon you favorite keyword research tool David. It will be interesting to see the numbers side by side. I’ve always looked at them as relative and not absolute anyway so this will be a great additional tool.

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  • Pay Per Click Journal

    Its about time! Now we all have much more accurate data.

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  • Nicole Price

    Good advise. It is better to be cautious for a while than be sorry later.

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  • Otilia Otlacan

    Nice addition but it would’ve been so useful to have it available in the ‘edit keywords and CPC’ view as well, along with the potential clicks/day. Still, a step forward to better campaign planning.

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  • Frank Reed

    Great stuff. I am happy to see that Google is addressing what the market wants. It should only serve to make them more dominant. Great post.

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  • MB Web Design

    Thank goodness! I’ve been waiting for this data for years. Vague, part-filled-in bars don’t cut the mustard when trying to pitch stuff to clients.

  • Erik

    About time indeed. It’s getting closer to what a marketer needs, which is near real-time data. But that obviously would take quite a bit of server time.

    For those getting into it, it makes a little more sense now though.

    Has anyone noticed if their bars match up and make sense across the board?

    Erik’s last blog post..Generating Content for Multiple Blogs

  • Alex Isaacs

    Adwords can be a bear to figure out, so hopefully the accuracy of the analytical tool is right on!

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  • Symbian

    This could be useful for SEO.

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  • Utah SEO Pro

    I’ve collected some good info off this! I hope it’s accurate.

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  • Jaan Kanellis

    Just make sure that you use Match Type: Exact and you will get very accurate data compared to organic clicks for 1-2 spots.

    Jaan Kanellis’s last blog post..Google AdWords Keyword Tool Offers Search Volume Numbers

  • Web Marketing Man

    Google just keeps ’em coming! This is definitely a step up, third party keyword research tools are going to feel the squeeze with this new functionality added to the free Google keyword tool.

  • Symbian

    It’s totally useful for SEO, now you can find word combinations with millions of requests in Google

    Symbian’s last blog post..Nokia S60 Symbian Windows Live client available in Europe

  • Linda Bustos

    This is fantastic news. Do you think this will hurt paid tools like Keyword Discovery?

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  • Goran Web Design

    Now we talking, this makes the Google keyword tool worth using, this really helps, Google.

  • Top Rated Digital

    Well, this is a welcome addition. Those little green bars used to drive me nuts. I always wondered why Google was not forthcoming with better numbers. Others like Wordtracker were.

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  • Forumistan

    Yeah, it really helps. It is useful…

  • Affan Laghari

    I wonder if it’s accurate. And is there anyway we can check its accuracy. Who would trust KD or WT when they get it second hand and Google publishes it first hand?

  • Travel Point

    The news is doing the rounds for some time now.

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