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"Psst! Kid, wanna be number one on Google? Guaranteed?"

While many companies have heard similar snake oil pitches, it might soon become possible to ensure your web site is #1 in Google–albeit for your browser only.

Eight months after it was originally spotted in the wild, Google’s Digg-like voting buttons have returned, this time with a new look. Here’s what was sent to TechCrunch:

Google’s always testing new features, so don’t expect to see this in your results anytime soon. But, when you do, you’ll be able to honestly tell your SEO client, "Well, I’m seeing you in the #1 position, want me to send you a screenshot?"

Of course, you wouldn’t do that, would you? 😉

  • Man, it seems as with every left turn there is some bit of information that we have to clarify to clients in order to separate us from snake oil peddlers.

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  • Looks like it might be useful. I wish I could beta test this.

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  • One more options to cheat SEO Client

  • Looks good in principle but I wonder what happens when it gets abused?

    Still, will be interesting to see if it appears.

  • Well if you have properly explained personalization to your client already they would understand how this all works already.

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  • Wow! Once again, and I may sound like a broken record, it’s great to see Google (share holder) expanding it’s grasp on the internet. Why not utilize all the users to build a better search engine? Beat that algorithm SEO wizards…. Oh wait, it’ll be done as soon as this hits the mainstream, if it ever does.


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  • Can’t wait till this becomes a permanent feature.

  • So now the snake oil lot will tell their clients to vote up their site so the client will see themselves as #1 while in fact they languish in the backwaters.

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  • I can see it now. SEOs who have gamed the system to make their clients believe they are no. 1 when in reality they are no 87.

    head in hands…

  • I’ll add that to my sales pitch. hah! jk

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  • Sure beats manipulating the sceenshot with corel draw!

  • Wow…..wonder what happens when it really starts working 🙂

  • I’m too young to vote!

  • Google is again playing its cards.

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  • Guarantee with Google is dream word.

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  • Google is making a tough time for SEO experts. Its making search engine optimizing people think a LOT. Are there any techniques to overcome Google serach engine algorithm.

  • Just when you think you’ve fathomed Google’s algorithms – it’s all change!