Posted July 3, 2008 3:43 pm by with 13 comments

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All right, let’s face it: it’s the afternoon before a three-day weekend and your brain is already on vacation. And that’s why we’re here at linky extra goodness—a round up of the marketing news you’ll want to know come Monday.

Oh nm, my bad: Googler JohnMu retracts his previous statements (mentioned yesterday) about banning countries/regions/continents from your website being “cloaking,” as long as you also ban any Googlebots coming from those IP blocks.

Yahoo’s traffic comes from . . . Google? Hitwise reports that even Yahoo Mail (and especially Yahoo Answers) receives more traffic coming from than Ouch. But hey, on the plus side, Google’s losing that traffic, right? (Oddly enough, they didn’t look at whether Google was directing traffic to…)

Google Street View Hits Europe: It’s now live in France!

FTC Gives Yahoo/Google a Pass, DOJ to Examine Deal: mostly because some people told ClickZ that the government wouldn’t duplicate its efforts and have two bureaus look at it. Um, what? Do these people actually work for the government? The US government? Oookay.

Social Media Algorithms Revealed: Missing calculus, or just wondering how many votes it takes to go hot on your favorite social media site? Danny Dover posts four sites’ algorithms at SEOmoz.

Is Word-of-Mouth Better Offline or Online? Jennifer Laycock takes a look at whether WOM has more impact offline or online, after a study shows that more people make product/service recommendations in person.

Now, whether it’s before, during or after the holiday weekend, you’re all caught up!