Posted July 16, 2008 4:20 pm by with 4 comments

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A very Googly goodness for today!

  • Googly goodness indeed! Will we ever be able to escape Google? Am thrilled that Gmail has finally added the opt out ability. This will significantly reduce the visual clutter in my account, glad they listen to user complaints and fix them.

  • The bit about contacts excites me tremendously. I feed all of my business email through my Gmail account, and everyone sending an enquiry would be added. At least once a day I’d have to deal with someone popping up asking who I am and why I’ve added myself to their contacts list. It’s rather invasive

  • I am glad that gmail is improving their offering. I found the automatic addition to my contacts list rather unwanted, especially when wanting to send bulk mail.

  • I agree with Goran. It is nice to know that they take consumer feed back seriously and make adjustments accordingly.