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Oh my goodness, it’s . . . you know.

  • At OMMA Behavioral yesterday, Ignited’s David Martin struck upon the perfect slogan for the behavioral advertising industry, and I quote: “It’s Only Going To Get Creepier.” Excellent. Government regulatory agencies, consumers and advertising clients alike flock to behavioral.
  • Is it just me, or does the question “Are Google Maps good or evil?” seem kind of . . . stupid? There were maps before, people. Google Maps might make it easier for child molesters to find schools and citizens to find ex-cons, but come on. Google Maps didn’t publish the addresses. Let’s face it (and after the first link, I think we must): they’re going to get you with or without the Internet.
  • Mobile is going to hit the tipping point in ’08. Really. Maybe ’09. Maybe ’12. But one day, we’ll all be surfing the Internet on chips implanted in our brains and browsers projected inside our eyes our phones, and Omniture will be ready with mobile analytics. Predictions of mobile’s imminent success will come true one day, and now is the perfect time to get in that game.
  • Finally, Jerry Yang is smoothing things over within Yahoo with a memo welcoming Icahn and the end to “this challenging chapter,” via both CNET and paidContent.
  • PS3

    Do you guys not get fed up to the back teeth with such a long winded election process, it seems to take forever?

  • Jordan McCollum

    Um… not sure where that’s coming from, but okay…

    Yes, I for one am completely fed up and would not be surprised if people were so turned off that voter turnout was at a record low this year.

    But this election is also the earliest that true campaigning has begun, to my knowledge. I’m really and truly hoping that this is not a new trend, as I am young and do not wish to sit through this crap through the rest of my life. 😀

    (And I actually do enjoy politics.)

  • Most headlines that ask the either or questions are stupid and are designed to just get a rise out of people.

  • yep, it is too long

  • You are right, google or no google map, if someone is likely to misbehave, he will. For me, the map is a useful device.

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