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It’s probably not going to give Microsoft any percentage points in the search engine wars, but the new interactive backgrounds for Live Search sure do look purty.

The new backgrounds feature interactive "hotspots" and are first rolling out to U.S. audiences. More details at the Live Search blog.

  • Do they really think that a pretty backdrop makes up for cruddy search results? How stupid do they think we are?

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  • Neat and annoying in the same time, strange. I’m not a big fan of Google’s childish simplicity either, but how about shedding off the design bells and whistles and offer some content and information? Wonder how long it will take for them to monetize the hotspots with some eye-candy but useless rich media ads.

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  • At least they’re trying to continue improvement on their search engine, even if it’s just the looks.

    What they really need though is something that expands on the limitations of current search engines. Some innovation.

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  • MGA

    Ohh , yeah. I am dying to use Live search!!!

  • This is ridiculous and wrong. One big part of googles success is the simple page that loads very quickly. That was the main reason why i switched from yahoo to google in the first place.

  • Live is turning into some sort of a smart car. Very pretty but no one wants to drive it.

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  • Reminds me of the photo identification features found in Facebook.

  • Good looking but high load times I’m sure.

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  • PS3

    Looks good but i don’t like using Live. Prefer Google.

  • Nice move but this search engine got poor index so nothing makes me use it.

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