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Real estate has been a more frequent topic recently on Marketing Pilgrim and I promised to write about recent stats on what real estate related terms people are typing in search engines. According to HitWise, the most popular web search volume for real estate sites goes to That’s based on data collected for the four weeks ending Jan. 26, 2008.

Hitwise is a subsidiary of Experian, and the stats are collected and analyzed directly from Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The information is based on search behavior of more than 10 million Internet users in the US.

Notice the mix of brand names vs. general terms. Six out of ten of the terms are variations on a brand name:, Remax, Century 21, Zillow (both plain and with the .com) and Coldwell Banker.

Hitwise Real Estate Search Term Rankings
1. – 1.7 percent
2. remax – .81 percent
3. homes for sale – .43 percent
4. apartments – .40 percent
5. real estate – .39 percent
6. century 21 – .38 percent
7. apartments for rent – .36 percent
8. zillow – .35 percent
9. – .33 percent
10. coldwell banker – .29 percent also took the number one spot for the most visited web site. That adds up to a lot of traffic. Remax (as reported by the Chicago real estate division) averages more than 2 million unique visitors each month.

Hitwise Most Visited Real Estate Web Site Rankings
1. – 9.08 percent
2. HomeGain – 2.44 percent
3. Yahoo Real Estate – 2.25 percent
4. RE/MAX real estate – 2.21 percent
5. – 2.19 percent
6. Zillow – 2.06 percent
7. – 2 percent
8. – 1.91 percent
9. ZipRealty – 1.86 percent
10. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development – 1.42 percent

I wonder where CraigsList falls on the list…

  • Wow! Thanks for the information.

  • Excellent data Janet! I am actually surprised about the top sites…. Of course everyone knows that is number one, no one in the industry debates that point. However, one thing that many of the different corporate brands like to debate is who falls inline after I am surprised to find that only one brand name real estate site is on the list! That’s amazing, and shows where the big names need help….SEO

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  • I wonder how they define ‘real estate’ i would bet dollars to doughnuts that craigslist is more popular for rentals than

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  • It goes to show that although I love Trulia and ZipRealty (ZipRealty less, since it requires you to sell your soul to their login page), they’re still quite irrelevant when it comes to realty.

    Wonder how long it will take Google to build up their Base Real Estate search?

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  • It is too bad.

    Everytime I use, I can’t help but wonder how this site has the most traffic. It is such a piece of trash. No…really! They should sit all the developers down and ask, “Is this the best we can do?”….

  • I can’t imagine if Realtor planned their business better how the traffic will be….

  • Anyone know how real estate leads work? I am wanting to promote a real estate website, but where can I find affiliates? Do they exist in real estate?

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  • This is the very information I was in search for

  • I think real estate is far away from general SEO topics.

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  • I would be interested in a study on regional stats (like Chicago).

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  • This is excellent information. Is there any list online that provides top 10 real estate industry sites?

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  • @SEO Journal, I have never seen any, but I might try to put something like that together. I will let you know what I come up with.

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  • @SEO Journal, as requested, check the link above.

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  • Scott Hoen

    Check out which has listings, home values, rentals, financing, demographic, school, community informaiton — everything that a and a has but all on one site rather than multiple sites.

  • Surprised to see Zillow wasn’t more. Maybe cuz they lost Vanessa?

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  • you can check Alexa for top websites

  • Shell Smith

    Those sites look pretty good – but I still like the one I use. It is property maps. They have a really slick google maps/mls mashup that is really helpful.

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    You can always tell the difference people pushing thier own site, the realtors & actual consumers. You think we can’t tell…. consumers aren’t as dumb as they once were.

    Plus, have you even seen the new I don’t hear any comments on the NEW beta site. Plus google will soon find out much money there is & how expensive it is to operate & realtor marketing dollars can not sustain it – when it comes to advertising and googlebase will be history. trust me – it will look like real estate – and google ad sense – how pretty.

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