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A blog (a contraction of the term web log) is a website, usually maintained by an individual, with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order.

That’s how Wikipedia defines a blog. Apple doesn’t have an official blog and, according to reports, even goes to great lengths to prevent some employees from blogging about Apple on their personal time.

Furthermore, while Apple employees are granted permission by Apple to create their own personal Web pages and blogs, they are not allowed to comment on anything related to Apple on such pages. Furthermore, they are prohibited from posting in any capacity on any Mac-related Websites or forums, whether they identify themselves as working for Apple or not.

I’ve criticized Apple for its lack of direct social media participation, but there are signs it’s dipping its toe into the blogosphere with its MobileMe Status page.

Let’s see:

  1. “usually maintained by an individual” – check! We have a mysterious David G. providing the updates.
  2. “regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events” – check! Two updates on MobileMe’s hiccups.
  3. “displayed in reverse chronological order” – check! The first listed is from July 27, the one below that is from July 25.

Add to that an RSS feed and you have all the makings of an official Apple blog. The notable omission is the lack of comments–I’m assuming Apple’s not quite ready to hear from all the MobileMe users who can’t access their email.

Back in November, I warned that, as Apple starts reaching the masses, it would need to engage social media or suffer. I even stated:

If there’s not an Apple blog, forum, social network of some kind by the end of 2008, I’ll eat my iPod.

Hmm, do we call MobileMe Status a blog or more succinctly a WebPageMaintainedByOnePersonWithRegularEntriesInReverseChronologicalOrderWithRSS? It just trips off the tongue, doesn’t it? 🙂

  • Ah… if I were Apple I just wouldn’t create an official blog simply to cash in on the publicity of you eating your iPod. Now that would be a good way to start a blog! 😉

  • Robert took the words out of my mouth. Would have been some sight that!

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  • Apple gets more press because they control the message so much . . . just read the blog post above. 🙂

  • You would think with such a die-hard fan base they would be excited to let them talk. And when the critics attack, apple could sit back and let the fans take the defense.

    It is happening elsewhere online, this would just bring the debate closer to home where Apple can control the branding… which is what they are really good at.

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  • Any they called it a post…
    “We’ll report again on our progress in another post early this week.”

  • MobileMe? Yup that is a blog Apple.

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  • Great news, I’m so into this!

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  • Would it make any material difference to Apple if they did have an official blog? Cross!

    Do you think they’re going to slip up and disclose something inadvertently? Cross!

    Would any proper mandated blog be anything other than PR puff and canned sales flannel? Cross!

    Apple thrive on the feast-famine methodology of product announcements; months without a word and then a slew of huge product releases all at once.

    In the end, the sun’s still going to rise & set and regardless of whether Apple have a blog or not…

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