Google Now Crawling Adobe Flash Files, Ruins the Web in the Process

For years, I’ve been able to convince web designers not to design using Adobe Flash. I personally believe that web sites built entirely in Flash make for a poor user experience, but I’ve been able to play the "Google can’t index Flash" card as a cover-up for my dislike of Flash. "Don’t avoid Flash because I say so, avoid Flash because your web site will be invisible to Google."

It worked like a charm. That is, until now. Google just ruined the web.

Thanks to Adobe’s new Searchable SWF library, Google has announced a new indexing algorithm that is able to crawl and index the content of Flash files.

The Google Webmaster Central blog answers questions on the new algo, the most important being:

How Did We Get Lost in the Noise?

If I didn’t know better Charlie O’Donnell and many others are reading my mind. Lately I have been seeing a lot of discussion around social media noise and our inability to filter it out or manage it in such a way as to continue to make it a productive part of our days.

Perhaps my lack of enthusiasm for Friendfeed has to do with my goal to reduce the amount of digital noise – an approach that regularly sees me turn Twitter off until at least noon to reduce the number of distractions.

It is not just Friendfeed though. It is the desire for budding entrepreneurs to create new social media services, tools, and resources that add too, aggregate and multiply the noise exponentially and create an endless number of entertaining distractions.