Age Old Conundrum: Which Came First, the Microsoft Reorg or the Kevin Johnson Departure?

I’m sure you’re one of many generations to ask the question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg the top exec resignation or the company reorganization?

Your brain will get balled-up in a knot today, with the news that Microsoft will reorganize its online services and Windows groups as top exec Kevin Johnson leaves to become CEO at Juniper Networks.

[Johnson’s] departure coincides with a reorganization of his unit, which had included both online services and Microsoft’s flagship Windows software. Now, Microsoft said, online services and Windows will be split into two groups.

Microsoft will name a new "senior lead position" for its online services unit, the company said in a statement, while senior vice presidents Steven Sinofsky, Jon DeVaan and Bill Veghte will lead the Windows and Windows live units.

Linky Goodness, July 23

Wednesday comes this time each week. Today I wish it didn’t.

Google Knol Launches

You know how déjà vu is? I’m feeling that today, since it’s been seven months since Google Knol was announced, and they’re just now getting around to going live. And what we said at the first announcement still looks to be true: “Google Runs Out of Content to Monetize; Wants You to Build More.”

Despite obvious similarities, Google Knol will make no claims of aiming to kill Wikipedia. In case you’ve forgotten, knols are small hills which may or may not be a good place for a gunner’s nest “authoritative articles about specific topics, written by people who know about those subjects.”

It’s easy to create a knol. Here’s my attempt:
creating a knol in google knol

We Asked 100 People About Yahoo’s Q2: Yahoo Said “Strong;” Our Survey Said…

Following last week’s lackluster financial performance from both Google and Microsoft, yesterday was Yahoo’s turn to step up to the mic.

The numbers:

  • Net income of $131 million
  • Revenue of $1.346 billion.
  • Q2 earnings of 9 cents per share, with Wall Street expecting 10 cents

The Analysts said:

Collins Stewart analyst Sandeep Aggarwal said Yahoo’s results will likely do little to either help or hinder its effort to remain independent…"It looks like a non-event," Aggarwal said, "it was a bad quarter, but it was also expected."

Yahoo said:

"Despite a difficult economic environment, we posted solid results in line with the ranges we indicated in April…Our diverse advertiser base and compelling value proposition for our customers were key factors behind Yahoo’s strong second-quarter performance," [Chief Financial Officer Blake] Jorgensen said.

Linky Goodness, July 22

Oh my goodness, it’s . . . you know.

  • At OMMA Behavioral yesterday, Ignited’s David Martin struck upon the perfect slogan for the behavioral advertising industry, and I quote: “It’s Only Going To Get Creepier.” Excellent. Government regulatory agencies, consumers and advertising clients alike flock to behavioral.
  • Is it just me, or does the question “Are Google Maps good or evil?” seem kind of . . . stupid? There were maps before, people. Google Maps might make it easier for child molesters to find schools and citizens to find ex-cons, but come on. Google Maps didn’t publish the addresses. Let’s face it (and after the first link, I think we must): they’re going to get you with or without the Internet.

Google Maps Adds Walking Directions

Wow. I feel like Google really hears me. First, they make Gmail’s contact system less invasive, and now they add walking directions to Google Maps!

google maps walking directions beta

I do a small dance of happiness!

Now, I know there are those of you wondering why this even matters, what difference walking directions makes. Or, as one commenter put it:

Walking directions? Whatever happened to just showing up, facing your body in the direction you wanted to go, and walking?

Of course, the simple answer to the smart alecky question is “I tried that, but I kept walking into things—buildings, oncoming traffic . . . rivers” (return snark for snark is a Biblical injunction, isn’t it?).

Pilgrim’s Picks for July 22

Another day, another dollar edition of Pilgrim’s Picks.