Did Robert Scoble Break Google?

It seems that Robert Scoble is a true "disrupter" of technology. This time, his blog is causing Google’s Sitelinks a little bit of a headache. ;-)

Baristas Unite! Social Networking At Street Level

CoffeeSmall businesses in the US are struggling right now. Any edge or any hope that can be found is a welcome change from the continued onslaught of economic news around rising prices and shrinking wallets. I found one such story this morning over my cup of coffee. Oh and it was kinda cool that it was about coffee. I need that kind of early morning validation that my coffee drinking is still “in vogue”.

Anyway, in the Wall Street Journal this morning (I know, where else does Frank get his news from?) there was a real life example of social networking helping small businesses. Not just hype round social networking being good for small business but an actual story of success. How about that?

Linky Goodness, July 21

Happy anniversary to me! To help you celebrate, I’ve collected awesome links, of course.

Facebook’s Annual Redesign

Sign in on the subdomain www.new.facebook.com and you’re greeted “Welcome to the new Facebook.” And indeed it is. Facebook is unveiling a new redesign, and the long-tested tabbed profile pages aren’t the only changes.

If you don’t feel like signing in yourself, here’s a screenshot and explanation.

the new facebook layout
Very obviously, the layout of the Facebook site is changing. As promised, the left navigation is gone, moved up into the top nav. (The Applications link has a mouse-over drop down menu which includes the photos, groups and other navigation elements that were listed out separately on the sidebar.) The search bar has also moved to the top nav, to the upper right corner. The new full-screen layout will probably cause division among the hardcore Facebook fans (just because everything Facebook does causes some dissent).

Advertisers Get More Control on Google’s Content Network

Google AdWords advertisers that run content-targeted ads are going to have a easier time managing their campaigns. Until now the content and keyword ads were managed separately. A new feature combines both keyword-targeted ads and placement-targeted ads into one campaign and both will show ads based on keywords.

According to the AdSense blog: “Advertisers can now combine keywords and placements in the same campaign to more precisely target where their ads appear on the Google content network and how much they pay for them. The content network is Google’s advertising distribution channel comprised of hundreds of thousands of high-quality websites, news pages and blogs that partner with Google to display targeted AdWords ads.”

Photos of Partying Defendants Lead to Prison Time; Why Perception is Reputation

Most of the online reputation repair clients I work with are remorseful. At some point in their lives they’ve screwed up and now Google won’t let them, or anyone else for that matter, forget the incident. Despite the isolated incident, and many subsequent years of good behavior, their past reputation slip has left a nasty scar on an otherwise clean history.

Then, there are people like Joshua Lipton.

Lipton was charged with drunken driving after crashing into, and seriously injuring, a woman. It should have been the lowest point in the 20-year-old college junior’s life. He should have withdrawn, sought out psychological help, and convinced the judge–and the world–that this was an isolated incident and totally out of character.

Instead, Lipton did this:

Carl Icahn to Join Yahoo Board as Part of Newly Announced Settlement

Here’s an interesting twist in the Yahoo/Microsoft/Icahn love triangle–Carl Icahn and Yahoo have just kissed and made-up.

Under a newly announced settlement, Carl Icahn and two of his cohorts will be elected to Yahoo’s board of directors.

Following the 2008 annual meeting, the Yahoo! Board will be expanded to 11 members. Carl Icahn will be appointed to the Board and the remaining two seats will be filled by the Board upon the recommendation of the Board’s Nominating and Governance Committee from a list of nine candidates recommended by Mr. Icahn, which includes the eight remaining members of the Icahn slate of nominees and Jonathan Miller, currently a partner in Velocity Interactive Group and former Chairman and CEO of AOL.