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Whenever I need to take a quick break from my day, I sit and stare at my fish tank. I thought I’d pass on that opportunity to you, Pilgrims.

Electric Yellow Cichlid

Now you’re relaxed enough to take in today’s Picks:

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  • Search Engine Journal has a list of free SEO tools, I know you’ll want to bookmark (and they’d love for you to Sphinn, Digg, etc).
  • Yahoo’s Chairman calls Microsoft’s acquisition attempts "stupefying."
  • Jeremy "Shoemoney" Schoemaker Shoemoney guest writer Andrew Allemann makes a compelling case for adding "direct navigation traffic" to your affiliate marketing efforts.
  • And that yellow fish you see…his name is Yellow Girl. We just discovered that Yellow Girl is a boy this past weekend.

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  • He/she’s gonna have a complex, ‘cos I’m still gonna call him “Yellow Girl.” 😉

  • The quality of this pic is surprisingly good for a private picture. I would have expected more light artefacts and poorer color quality, since you propably took this picture from the outside and not with some underwater equipment.

  • That is a fantastic photograph of a fantastic aquarium. Congratulations, I envy you!

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  • There’s no floaties or gunk on the glass. What gives? These fish are living in the luxury tank!

  • Thanks for the compliments!

    @Alex – new tank! 😉

  • PS3

    We’ve had a 180 litre tank since around November last year and it sure doesn’t look as spic and span as that. Maybe for a day after cleaning but not for long.

    Is that a marine set up?

  • @PS3 – no, freshwater and only 6 gallons. 🙂

  • PS3

    In hindsight, looking at the clarity, small may have been better.

    So mesmerising though, good stress relief.

  • dont think the SEO tools will be a big hit on Digg but yes, stumble, delicious, and sphinn it 🙂

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  • Is there only Yellow Girl in your fish tank? Does she has any friends? Underwater view is good for stress relief. I like it.

  • It is amazing what tranquility a simple fishtank (or even just a pic of one) can impart to the viewer. Definitely an object of meditative contemplation. Thanks for sharing, and enjoy your fishtank!

  • Your tank is delightful to behold. I am a pisces, and water is my element, so I doubly like it. Definitely the best executive stress relief.

  • @Tiffany – there’s also Maxwell, a Pleco. He’s camera shy. 🙂

  • The picture is wonderful, I wnvy this Yellow Girl

  • Matter of interest anyone know of a list of all the best paid SEO tools.