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There’s still space (and an early bird discount) for my upcoming Online Reputation Management Workshop. If you want to learn reputation management for your company, or perhaps want to add ORM to the list of client services you offer, you might want to secure your spot! 🙂

After you’ve done that, you can take in these Picks:

  • Securiteam found an interesting Gmail vulnerability.
  • Microsoft told congress that Yahoogle would control 90% of the ad market. MSFT clearly wants Google treated the same way it has been treated over monopolies.
  • Nokia owned Symbian controls 60% of the software in smart phones, yet it must fear Google’s Android–hence talks of closer partnerships between the two.
  • Google’s US market-share reached 69.17% in June. That was enough for CNET to throw basic laws of rounding out the window, and declare a 70% share.
  • Studies show that people trust the opinions of others "like themself." Culture Clique jumps on that theme with a new social commerce site that allows groups of friends to share reviews with each other.
  • Jordan McCollum

    On CNET and rounding—as my (computer software) engineer dad always says, “Two plus two equals five . . . for sufficiently large values of two.”

    And NOW you know where I get it from.

  • LOL – I guess 70% is just sexier than 69.17%

  • My favorite is when companies say things like “more than 69.17%” in things like press releases. It happens all the time. What is that supposed to mean?

  • The worst offender, at least here in the UK, is companies declaring a product’s price is “less than £500!” when it is, of course, £499.99

    Literally correct but actually very irritating.

  • @MB – have rebates made it to the UK yet? Over here, you’ll see “just $49!” but the small print reveals it’s actually $149, with a $100 rebate check, they send you sometime before you die.

  • I like this one – Gmail vulnerability.

  • Gmail vulnerability — interesting stuff!

    Blog Marketing Journal’s last blog post..WordPress 2.6 Released Early

  • PS3

    Andy, we don’t see much on the rebate side, the only exception is really cashback on mobile phone contracts.

    One of the coders at gmail obviously has a good sense of humour !!

  • And Microsoft is right. Google threatens to build a strong monopoly, especially together with yahoo. I still wonder why people still dont protest this more.