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The day after a holiday weekend can mean only one of two things:

  1. You took some extra vacation days, so won’t read this until sometime Wednesday.
  2. You’re back at work, but don’t feel like working, so reading Marketing Pilgrim will ease you in gently.

These Picks are hot and fresh! Unless, of course, you’re reading this on Wednesday, in which case they’re now likely stale (which you deserve, for taking more vacation than the rest of us!) 😉

  • I’m at work…

    I certainly don’t feel like working…

    … and I agree with Fred Wilson on the RSS and Facebook stats (I couldn’t care less for Twitter & co). Not only that they are not a measure of the active users / user interaction, but in many cases the numbers are inflated by their owners/developers. What’s even worse is that a number of respectable online marketing agencies will even offer their clients packages such as ‘Facebook application and site, x users/fans’ – a friend launching a games site has just been contacted with a similar message by a rather well-known San Francisco-based agency.

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  • Good links…

    I think all statistics can be gamed. Although the ones mentioned are especially gameable.

    Sounds like an opportunity for someone to create a non-gameable stat tracker.

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  • Ads with pain – this is something new.

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  • I’m interested to know more about Second Life. Thanks for the link.

  • Great intro to the Picks. Items 1 and 2 are on the money in my case; same with the Olympic viewing.

  • Dude, I AM reading this on a Wednesday because of a couple of days off, and I’m wondering…

    Where’s my SEM Scholarship award?

    Hahahhaha… seriously dude, thought it was being announced on July 7th, whaddupwidat?

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