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Visiting the mountains is a full on quest for discovery. Just this past few days, look at what I’ve discovered:

  • Lost Creek – yes, despite a big sign pointing the way, it appears I’m the first to discover it.
  • Hidden Driveway – poor driveway. All it ever wanted to be when it grew up, was hidden, then someone goes and spoils it with a big sign.
  • Falling Rock – there must be more than one town called "Falling Rock" in North Carolina, because I see signs for it everywhere! :-)

Oh hai, I almost forgot, you’re hear for today’s Picks:

Do you give-up, or are you thirsty for more? Here are the latest items shared on my link blog:

  • MB Web Design

    I’m rather fond of Buzzfeed, it’s like Digg without the wise guy comments :p

  • Otilia Otlacan

    Falling Rocks must be somewhere near Gun Point 😀

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  • Alex Isaacs

    haha…I kind of rather enjoy Digg. The wit goes a long way and it’s fun to try match knowledge with everyone else.

  • MB Web Design

    It can be fun but there’s too much of an ‘in-joke’ culture from the most dugg commenters. This I suppose is in keeping with the site’s demographic.

  • Brick Marketing

    We agree with the user above — Digg is extremely cliquey and you have little chance of succeeding on there unless you are part of that clique.

  • Forumistan

    Well, I havent use buzzfeed, but I can say that, Digg is very nice.

  • PS3

    Digg is nice but heavily spammed in my humble view.

    Nice to see soemthing new coming along.

  • Travel Point

    Its good and spammed but also has a treasure of data.

    Travel Point’s last blog post..The Samba of Brazil

  • Apple Macbook

    I love digg.

    It’s such a hard thing to find an original article that you can publish and get dugg.

    It’s seen nearly everything there is.