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In case you’ve not noticed, I’m kind of passionate about online reputation management. Just hearing "radically transparent" brings me out in goose bumps.

After the recent .Me goldrush, I managed to grab just one domain name and have decided to put it to good use. is designed to keep tabs on all news, tips, advice, and research that pertains to online reputation management.

As Reputation Dot Me (get it?) grows, I hope it will be a valuable resource for anyone looking to keep track of this emerging industry.

As you’ll see, it’s a simple design. I’m using Tumblr to aggregate quotes, links, posts, etc, and you’re best bet is to sign-up for the RSS feed.

As the site grows, I hope to have other reputation management practitioners contribute and perhaps throw in some additional features too.

In the meantime, Reputation Dot Me serves two purposes:

  1. Provide anyone with a constant stream of online reputation management data.
  2. Shows how easy it is to put a $20 domain name to work–even a .ME one! 🙂
  • It would be great to have commenting on the site as well so people can share reflections on their use of the resources.
    Thanks for sharing!

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  • How does this differ from

  • @Fifty – Trackur is a reputation monitoring tool. is a news site focusing on reputation management.

    @Avi – thanks for the suggestion.

  • Andy, nice domain name and new site! Should be interesting to see all of the new .ME extensions start to do well in search! :o)

  • It may be counter intuitive, but I think apple’s traditional tone of secrecy could help them in a potential blog launch if they managed to be tongue in cheek about finally coming over the dark side of transparency.

    Avi Kaplan’s last blog post..Meshuga Links

  • Good thinking and it is very likely to have far reaching consequences. Congratulations.

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  • @Andy Beal

    I see. I guess I didn’t look that closely at it as I was on my ipown

  • This is really great, I’ll stay posted.

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