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Just when you thought Twitter was a dead duck, a flurry of news suggests there’s life in the old bird yet!

First up, rumors are circulating that Twitter has acquired Summize. There’s no official confirmation yet, but Summize’s search engine and sentiment analysis of Twitter would certainly make a sensible acquisition. Not so much for the public-facing interface, but for the gigabytes of useful information Summize can feed to Twitter’s developers.

Changing focus, VentureBeat reveals that, despite Twitter’s performance issues, the service is still growing strong. In fact, even new competitors such as FriendFeed and Plurk, didn’t prevent Twitter from reaching record levels of users in June. As VentureBeat suggests, at this point Twitter’s biggest enemy is itself.

Every time Twitter is offline, a competitor gets its wings! πŸ˜‰

So, how is Twitter handling its performance issues? Well, it must be close to being back on track considering its recent talk about improving its API.

The Twitter API is a big part of our success and we will be stabilizing and improving it in the short term. The rate limit is currently set to 20 requests per hour but we’re working to bring it back to 70.

Let’s hope this is a sign that Twitter’s core functions–such as replies and archives–are now stable. Surely Twitter wouldn’t dare talk about API improvements, without first addressing issues with its basic functions.

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  • Andy, every time twitter fails, I think about this blog post. Seriously, I don’t see twitter locking out their competition until they are able to monetize their service. All the users and company acquisitions won’t pay the bills and VC money doesn’t grow on trees.

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  • I’m surprised Twitter doesn’t just make their own version. Either way, it’s great for them to purchase Summize.

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  • Well, that funny because just recently I decided to start using Twitter. I did some research on it first, and a lot of the people I talked to said the service was dying out. Obviously, they were wrong. It’s good to see that Twitter is on the rise.

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  • Is twitter unable to make their version???

  • I don’t think Twitter really cares about monetization at this point. Well they should not!

    They have built up a strong user base, and people who are dedicated to twitter..will stick to it, no matter what.

    They just need to straighten up some of their problems and make a stronger platform first.

  • Hope Twitter the falling bird wont ground down Summize too!

  • We’d have to agree on Twitter’s only enemy being themselves. We hope that this gives them the momentum to get back on track in terms of continuous growth & success.

  • I think that twitter will heat up soon enough. They have had alot of teathing problems of late, however, they do have a good following already. I fthey want to keep that, and increase their presence, they need to strengthen internally first.

  • Yea, Twitter is far from dead. It has too much momentum on it’s side (for whatever reason). Once the tweener crowd get’s a hold of anything it’s pretty much guaranteed an audience. At least for a while.

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  • Twitter has been so promising at the start. But has alot of problems lately. Time for them to shake up..

  • Twitter has the user base but really is it a website/business that can’t be bettered easily by another organisation? I’ve dipped my toe in the water and though it’s so frequently used by many people I’m in touch with, I find it an unwelcome distraction. Each to their own I guess

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  • Twitter is unable to make their version.

  • I haven’t seen this rumor anywhere else. “Does” mill mean it was generated here? πŸ™‚

  • @Fifty – no we don’t mill our own rumors. Click the first two links in the post. πŸ™‚