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What Can Eleanor Roosevelt Teach Us About Reputation Management?

Pure SoapboxWhen looking back in history, we can find many great role models for the importance of building a great reputation. Eleanor Roosevelt will be remembered for her life-long dedication to being an advocate for civil rights, but did you know she was one of the earliest reputation management experts? Here’s one of her famous quotes:

“We all live in a televised goldfish bowl.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Kimberlie Dykeman’s new book Pure Soapbox is full of inspiring quotes from the famous and notable, and she recognizes Roosevelt’s role in pre-online reputation management. Writes Dykeman…

Call it Big Brother, the eye in the sky or just a nosy neighbor…with a wide lens. Not too many things you do are unobserved or unnoted by …someone! You’re on stage for the government, security, and media everywhere you turn: street corners, stores, restaurants, theaters, schools, hotels, apartments! The list is endless. What happens in Vegas might stay in Vegas, but odds are there’s footage. That said, how are you behaving in public, folks? What bad habits, slip remarks, and mistakes are you “performing” daily…and do you ever stop to think how it might negatively ripple back. Maybe it’s time to clean up your “act”. Reel in your violations and, audience or not, you net a safer, friendlier and more fluid environment.

“What happens in Vegas might stay in Vegas, but odds are there’s footage.” Words to live by, don’t you think?

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