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Many established and well respected blogs within the online marketing community have recently started to make their audiences available to a variety of new voices. The opportunity for new bloggers to communicate their ideas on internet marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, paid search, affiliate marketing, and social media marketing have never been greater.

Today Michael Gray announced on his blog that he was ready to start accepting guest bloggers. He didn’t say how long this opportunity might exist but he said he would try it out and then see how it goes. In his post he makes it clear that this is an opportunity for any blogger to have a chance to reach out and communicate to his audience, not just another “A” list blogger.

A day before Michael’s announcement, Jeremy Shoemaker announced that he would also be accepting guest posts, potentially for a limited time while he was away. Jeremy’s only criteria for guest posting was that the articles be on topic and only published on his site and nowhere else.

Three months ago Donna Fontenot, owner of SEO Scoop, made it part of her mission to turn SEO Scoop into a platform were established and especially new and relatively unknown bloggers could guest blog about anything related to search. Donna said:

“I’d love it if SEO Scoop became known as a good place for up-and-comers to start their rise up the ladder.”

Clearly the opportunity has never been better for those who have great ideas and want to blog to a larger audience of knowledgeable and influential people to do so. But before you get started on your next great blog post I encourage you to check out a post by Darren Rowse from He has defined six key criteria that any new guest blogger should take into account before submitting a post.

1. Research the Blog
2. On Being Yourself
3. Look for Gaps in the blog
4. Sell Yourself
5. Be Reliable
6. Add Value

I strongly believe the first five items Darren reference can all be summed up in item six, Add Value, so that is the one topic that I want to briefly touch on. When you guest blog it is all about bringing a new perspective to an already established property. In my opinion the best success a guest post can have is to create a positive conversation in that blogs community. Adding value to any community will insure that not only will you most likely be invited back to guest blog again, but that odds are you may also have the opportunity to guest blog in other places as well.

As a final aside, I want to place some emphasis on the attitude Michael Gray has taken with his let’s see what happens to guest blogging approach. What this means for guest bloggers is that the posts that get submitted to Michael may strongly influence his willingness to have new guest bloggers. So please always remember the things you do and the posts you write will have further impact as well as having potential consequences for other guest bloggers.

  • Utah SEO Pro

    Thanks for laying out these guest blog opportunities. I’m definitely going to jump on these quick.

    Utah SEO Pro’s last blog post..Interview with SEO: Brian Carter and Search Engine Journal Post

  • Tiffany

    Be a guest blogger is a good opportunity to optimize our site for the visitors we gain from the site. Especially if the site has been popular.

  • Tinh

    Great idea but I think it is only suitable for big bloggers to recruit guest bloggers. For a junior blogger like me, opportunity is quite limited, let’s hope in the near future :-)

    Tinh’s last blog post..DoubleClick Performics is now Google Affiliate Network

  • Alex Isaacs

    It also gives a beginning blogger the much valued experience of the real world. You really don’t know what you’re going to be fully exposed to until you do it.

  • Web Marketing Man

    Great way to find new, fresh content that will add value. Am sure a couple of frogs ain’t going to turn into princes, but a few pearls are bound to be unearthed with this approach.

  • Steve Rosenbaum

    Bloggers may also get exposure to different topics they might not have been interested in the past. They can take their little chicken on a stick sample and then mosey along till they find something the really have a flavor for.

  • Mr Marketing

    Win win situation for both the blog and the guest writer. Not to mention the reader.

    Mr Marketing’s last blog post..Negative PR is still PR.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Great Idea… It will help with their own sites, but above that it will give the blogger the experience that they might need. We could all learn alot from this.

  • MB Web Design

    I think the best approach to this is when someone from one field dives into another e.g. SEO expert guest blogging on a graphic design blog advising people on how to get their websites higher on Google. It’s a nie way to introduce the guest blogger to a different audience.

  • Ashley

    accepting guest bloggers is a greta oportunity for success.

  • Steven

    The New York Herald is now offering guest blogging opportunities as well.

  • PS3

    Roughly how many requests/applications do the popular blogs get for guest posts, there must be some real serious competition going on?

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  • Per Koch

    I can remember when the famous Andy Beal was a guest writer over at our site . We still accept original content for consideration. It is a win win deal, really. Our search engine blog and our readers get relevant content and the guest blogger gets fame and a valuable link back.


    Per Koch’s last blog post..No means no, Yahoo! says to Microsoft

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  • Alex Isaacs

    MB is right. It’s all about exposure. Getting those opportunities is the hard part though!

  • nile

    This is the happpy news for newbie, this way they can get opportunity to share there idea.

    Thanks for sharing

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  • Travel Point

    Great. That’s an novel idea to allow others to contribute towards the blog.

    Travel Point’s last blog post..The Samba of Brazil