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Today I wish I were a political blogger. I supposedly had a ticket to the Democratic Convention, which fell through. Then I had the misfortune (in this situation) to live in a state that didn’t get a lot of tickets. Some lucky bloggers – one from each state – were also part of the State Blog Pool or Corps (here’s a list of the bloggers by state).

I have a feeling, that while it would be fun to attend the parties and see the speeches, I would want to hang out in the Big Tent. That’s where the bloggers are. It’s not air-conditioned, and you’re not as wined and dined, but from the looks of it, you’re in good company. Google and Digg set it up and sponsored it. If you’re Republican they’re sponsoring a tent at the Republican convention too.

And there looks to be a mass of passionate, opinionated writers. A sea of laptops. The tent housed the counter-culture diggs — not that bloggers were ignored.

“…the Democratic National Convention Committee handed credentials to a record number of bloggers for the Denver convention this week, but more nevertheless appear to have gathered at the Big Tent. Adding to the lure of the unofficial venue is that the workspace’s location on Wynkoop Street is around the corner from a multitude of restaurants and private parties, including a massive Tuesday reception organized by Emily’s List, a late-night jazz festival, and an AT&T-sponsored brewery bash.” – CNET

There are also couches, free massages, and free food. Sounds like it’s not all work no play. I particularly liked “Left in Alabama” – not for their blog’s design – but for the spirited writing and observations. It’s charming to have a story about bloggers because in upcoming elections I’m not sure it will be so much of a story as much as how things are. And I’ll bet they get air conditioning.

  • I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to be on the DNC blogger list! :o)

  • My roommate was one of the esteemed political bloggers selected. He is a contributing editor for Calitics in California. I’ve been talking with him throughout the week, he has been in the tent a lot. I recall on Wednesday, while in mid-IM, he pauses, three minutes later, returns and apologizes for stopping in mid-sentence because Daryl Hannah just sat next to him and started talking about how the tent was better then the main glitzy area. He definitely dugg the Digg/Google tent.

  • Very cool networking around the DNC. Hope to be able to participate in such event one day

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  • This seems to be the year that political blogging reaches the tipping point in the US, and elsewhere.

    Here in Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, likely to become the next Prime Minister, held a press briefing to which bloggers were specifically invited. He greeted them individually, and made a point of answering their questions during the Q&A.

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