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Friendster Focusing on Asia, Gets $20M, ex-Googler as CEO

You may not remember Friendster. It was the leading social network, back when people didn’t really use social networks. It made a few mistakes and let MySpace, Facebook, and just about everyone else, steal its lunch money.

Well, while dead to US audiences, Friendster has maintained strong growth among Asian countries. The last time I read about Friendster, investors weren’t too interested in a failed start-up that was targeting a non-US audience. Well, something must have changed.

Not only has Friendster announced $20 million in new funding, but its also getting a new CEO, Richard Kimber, the regional managing director of South Asia for Google. He’s quite excited (as he should be):

"Friendster is growing at an enormous rate in Asia-Pacific and is clearly leading the competition. I believe this is partly because the Internet is transforming the lives of everyone, and it will probably become one of the greatest liberators of our time," Kimber said in a statement that was arguably tinged with mild political undertones. "I look forward to growing our business further, as we continue our global growth and strong focus on Asia."

We’ll see if Friendster can put the new CEO (and 20 mil) to good use and increase its 75 million user base.