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Saying "I told you so" often smacks of smugness, but it appears we were right about Google’s decision to make the AdSense for Feeds migration a manual process.

Google will soon provide a self-service process to migrate from an account on the original FeedBurner website to a Google Account. We have temporarily paused processing of new manual migration requests; we are working doggedly through the initial queue of requests and will re-open account migration services as soon as the first batch is completed.

(If you have already submitted a migration request, please look for an email response from Google once your migration has completed).

(Emphasis added)

  • Thats funny as big of a company Google is they can’t handle it..How long do you think it will be until they open it back up?

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  • This is not about handling it effectively but about how much importance is being given to feedburner feeds

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  • how hard is it? srsly.

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  • I got my feeds migrated some 4 days after having sent the request. But guys… come on, why would it be ‘funny’ they have a backlog of applications? They don’t have an unlimited number of employees assigned to go through such operations and most likely those people have other things to do too.
    I think you’re underestimating the number of requests received. Of course, they shouldn’t have gone live with this before setting up an automatic process… it’s only normal they got stuck now.

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  • The problem with most big coparate companies, is that when they undergo an expansion phase, they usually bite more than they can chew. You have to perform comprehensive feasibity studies of all projects before proceeding and keep track and constant progress checks once it’s in operation, during rapid expansion.

  • They need manual migration in beta with sending invitations to users 🙂

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  • @Otilia – if Google’s going to rely on a manual process, then shouldn’t it ensure it has enough employees? It should have created some automated method for switching the feed over–maybe put some of those billions to good use. 😉

  • @Andy – I know, but unfortunately this is the level of resources they allocate to their ‘free services’. I have yet to see a successful account migration or consolidation program from Google…

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  • @Otilia – this is not a free resource. This is a migration that gets bloggers onto Google’s AdSense program–where Google makes billions a year! 😉

  • @Andy: by ‘free service’ I meant free to the user, as in not being charged for it (as opposed to AdWords, or the paid apps, paid CSE where the users feel entitled to a superior level of support).
    Even if you compare AdSense support vs AdWords support, there are much higher turnaround times in AdSense than in AdWords, even though G obviously makes money through AdSense.
    Ultimately, the point is that they shouldn’t have gone headlong into a project they cannot handle. That, or they have badly miscalculated the workload to start with: users who submitted the migration request in the first day got their feeds moved in a matter of a few hours; I submitted my request at the beginning of the second day and it took over 4 days to get a reply.

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  • We burned our feeds always at feedburner. But after the AdSense update/upgrade we asked, manually via an email to burn our feed at the new feed proxy.
    Google AdSense converted all our feeds and despite a few glitches, all are working fine. Needed to reregister where we had given our feed address at feedburner. Ads are showing on feeds but no one has clicked yet! 😉

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  • I hope that this migration program is back again as soon as possible. A company as big as google should not show that they are unable to handle such huge requests.

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